More information about
SriSri Prabhu JagadBandhu Sanstha
at Lucknow, Pathakpuram

Since it’s a Sanstha and not an Ashram therefore the Daily Rituals are as usual, and kirtan is performed once in a month and only in the month of April, 5 day “Chausat Prahar Harinam Kirtan” Utsav is held, which is an unbroken 5 day kirtan. On a daily basis, Aarati is not performed either in the morning or at the night, at the sanstha, but a Prabhu ji’s small temple is built at Anoop ji’s home. There morning aarati is performed at around 8 to 9 am and evening arati is performed at 6 to 7 pm. on a daily basis. There are no specific dates in a month. The date for a monthly kirtan is decided according to the conviniency of the Anoop ji (since he is a contractor, he has to attend the site) so in a month he decides a date according to his schedule.

Monthly programs are same as above, kirtan is performed once in a month and only in the month of April, 5 day “Chausat Prahar Harinam Kirtan” Utsav is held, which is an unbroken 5 day kirtan.

The “Chausat Prahar Mahanam Kirtan” is not related to Prabhu JagatBandhu’s Holy Appearance Day during Sitanabami. It is organized in the month of April, depending upon the convenience, usually starting from 10th or 15th of April and end within 20th of April.

Sri Saadhanbandhu Brahmachai from SriSri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Dham, Dahapara, Murshidabad, and Akhibandhu Brahmachari from Sri Radhamadhab Prabhu Jagadbandhu Ashram, Siliguri, come from their places and assemble at SriSri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Ashram at Charki Pahar in Deoghar, Jharkhand, and from here along with BandhuMangal Brahmachari who is in-charge of the Ashram, and other devotees , a bus leaves for Prabhu Jagatbandhu Seva sanstha, Pathakpuram Lucknow. Devotees take part in this Annual Event of the Sanstha from various parts of India such as, Kolkata, Jharkhand, Murshidabad, Siliguri, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Chandigarh, Lucknow etc.

There are some teams which sing the kirtan during the “Chausat Prahar Harinam Kirtan” Utsav. Ex. teams from Kanpur, Kolkata, etc.

By Train - Pathakpuram Colony , which is in Rai Bareilly Road is an area in Telibagh in Lucknow,UP. To get to the Sanstha one has only to arrive in Lucknow. The main Railway Station of Lucknow is the Charbagh Railway Station. From here one can hire an Auto to Pathakpuram, near Sardar Patel Dental Institute,Telibagh and reach at the sanstha. There are trains leaving for Lucknow from all around India. It takes 2 days for a Bus to arrive at Pathakpuram Sanstha From Jharkhand. But By train, only 1 day.

By Air - One can get to Sanstha by air also. The Lucknow International Airport or Amausi International Airport is Located about 20 km away from the heart of the city. Pre-paid taxi services from airport charge about Rs 300 to Lucknow city center. It connects the capital city of Uttar Pradesh(Lucknow) with some of the major cities of India such as Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Varanasi and Mumbai by direct Lucknow flights. Delhi International airport is 497 km away, which is well connected to all major cities in India and many cities abroad.

There are adequate provisions in the Sanstha premises to stay overnight. No amount or fee is charged at all, to stay overnight at the Sanstha premises. A special arrangement is made for the visitors to stay overnight during the Utsav in April. Also they are provided with Breakfast, lunch and dinner . No fee is charged from anyone in the whole celebration neither in the form of contribution nor as rent. The bhaktas that come from Deoghar, Kanpur, Murshidabad,etc. enjoy a lot during those 5 days. Visitors are highly welcomed in the Sanstha.

Visitors may come at any time of the year, but if they come in the Utsav Festival then it would be more beneficial for them in comparison to other days. Because all the devotees and Saadhanbandhu Brahmachari, Akhilbandhu Brahmachari and Bandhumangal Brahmachari gather in the utsav Festival so the visitors can get the blessings of them and also get the chance to meet other devotees too from different states. If the visitors comes in the other days besides April then may be, they may not be able to meet Sri Anoop ji as he is mostly on the site, but is devoted fully for Prabhuji in those 5 days of Uninterrupted Mahanaam Kirtan. But if a visitor is coming in other days of the year besides April, then it would be appropriate if he/she first contact Sri Anoopji (Mobile Number...09415418932) so that he may have the prior information of his/her arrival rather than writing to the address of Sanstha for a prior arrangement. Also the dates of the "Chausat Prahar Harinam Kirtan" utsav in the coming years, would be informed in advance (1 month before the Utsav i.e in February) so that the visitors may take part in it.

There is no peak of the temple constructed as yet. Actually it’s a Plot which is devoted only for the worship of Prabhu JagatBandhusundar. In the future, a temple of Prabhu ji will be built in this area. It consists of a Shady hut and greenery and a well-built boundary, that you must have seen in the picture. Within that hut monthly kirtan is performed and just beside it is an empty area which is decorated in the month of April for “Chausat Prahar Harinam Kirtan” utsav, every year with the different decoration than the previous years . Note that in the pictures, the shrine of Prabhu Ji is different in all the 4 years. Near the Sanstha, is the Radha-Krishna Temple, the picture of which I’ve sent you, and infront of the Sanstha is the Bandhudeep Academy. The Radha-krishna Temple and Bandhudeep Academy are also established by Shri Anoop ji.