A short picture tour of Patbari in Baranagar,
the residence and SamadhiTemple for Baba Ramdas,
in Kolkata, India

Front and side views of the Patbari Temple
in Baranagar, Kolkata, INDIA

The three shrines at Patbari Temple premises

The picture of Prabhu Jagadbandhu hung up on the wall of Patbari Temple

The entrance to Samadhi Temple of Baba Ramdas at Patbari Temple arena

Two original pctures of Sri Ramdas Babaji
taken directly from the Samadhi Temple at Patbari
by the special permission of the samadhi in-charge at the time
(as of January 21, 2007, there are no pictures of Ramdas Babaji
available on WWW as determined by Google, Live or Yahoo searches)

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