Dr. Ujjwala Kundu, M.A., Ph.D.
Reader, Chanchal College, Malda
President and Resident Director
of "Bandhu Sevika Sangha", Malda
A branch of Mahanam Sampraday of India
Founded by Gurudev Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari
(in Nitya Lila since October 18, 1999)
Co-host of Montreal Canada Mahanam Sevak Sangha's
Annual Celebration of Prabhusundar's 137th Appearance Day on August 30, 2008

Dr. Ujjwala Kundu is one of late Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari's coveted disciples to carry out and expand the services for Prabhu Jagadbandhu and sanctify and propagate the significance of MahaUdhdharan (great deliverance) Lila (creation, seen as the playful activity of a deity) that Prabhu Jagadbandhu perceived as the eternal savior of humankind. She dedicated her life and has taken an absolute shelter in preaching the essence of Mahanam Yajna (Yagna) – Harinam Sankirtan (the mainstream of Jagadbandhu’s life and preaching, along with other associated religious practices) and continued on timelessly as a rudder with her dedicated service to Bandhu Sevika Sangha of Malda, India. And by serving Bandhu Sevika Sangha in Malda as its principal sevait and in-charge, she is inherently a part of both Mahanam Sevak Sampraday and Mahanam Sevak Sangha of India, founded by Sri SriPadji and Dr. Mahanambrataji respectively as the parent organizations.