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The Cyberspace of Mahanam Sampraday
and its Ashram and Temple
of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar
at Narayanganj, Dist, Dhaka, Bangladesh
on No. 1 Dhakeswari Mill

Prabhu used to come to Narayanganj by steamer to commute between Faridpur and Dhaka. He used to take the train and steamer from Faridpur to Naryanganj. From Narayanganj to Dhaka as also from Dhaka to Narayanganj he used to travel by train. At that time land route by long distance bus was not as available as it is today. Consequently train journey was more in common in those days.

The crossing of the river Padma at Goalundo (now called Daulatdia) and Aricha Ghats to commute between Faridpur and Dhaka is still a part of the travel between Faridpur and Dhaka by land as in the old days. At the present time due to widely available highways and long distance buses and their frequent schedules the long distance bus travels are more popular than travel by train.

Prabhu Jagadbandhu came to Dhaka via Narayanganj for the first time in the summer of 1894 (1301 in Bengali calendar.) at age 23 and again later in January/Febrauary 1898 (Magh, 1305 Bengali calendar) at age 27.

Narayanganj is only 17 km southeast of Dhaka connected by both road and rail. But as stated earlier, now buses are more frequently available giving the traveler more mobility than the train. Narayanganj is conspicuously located at the mouth of the Sitalakhya river. The Dhaleswari river also makes a confluence with the Sitalakhya river at Narayanganj. The city is the primary river port for Dhaka and the busiest trade center for the entire Bangladesh, especially for jute. The city is also a collection center for hides and skin and a reception point for imports and exports to Calcutta. Narayanganj and Dhaka together make up the principal industrial region of Bangladesh with jute presses, cotton textile mills and ship repair facilities.

The famous shrine of the muslim saint, Kadam Rasul is located here as well as the 12th-century Hindu temple of Lakshmi-Narayan, after which the city was named. There is also a Ramkrishna Ashram and Misssion in Narayanganj.

The Mahanam Sampraday Ashram and Temple of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar, named as ‘Prabhu Jagatbandhu Ashram’ and located on No. 1 Dhakeswari Mill in Narayanganj carries the significance of Bandhusundar’s life of Lilas with his devotees in Narayanganj and its proximities. In fact, in a steamer trip from Narayanganj towards Faridpur in his return trip from Dhaka, Prabhu explained to his close companion and sevak Nabadwip Dasji as to how he was the incarnation from the combined forms of Lilas of SriKrishna and SriChaitanya Mahaprabhu. Nabadwip Dasji then passed on this exposition by Prabhu to other devotees of the highest order.

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