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SriSri Mahanam Math on Poramatala Road
and Harisabha Mandir on Harisabha Road
at NabadwipDham, West Bengal, India

Temples and Ashrams of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar at NabadwipDham

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There are two temples and ashrams established by Mahanam Sampraday of India at Nabadwip, one named "SriSri Mahanam Math" on Poramatala Road and the other named "Harisabha Mandir" on Harisabha Road of Prabhu Jagadbandhu.

Prabhu came to Nabadwip with sevak Nabadwip Das by the earnest request of Sitikantha Bhattacharya of Nabadwip Harisabha. It was about September/October, 1893 (In Bengali Calendar, Aswin, 1300) at age 22.

Prabhu stayed at Harisabha. It was established by the grandfather of Sitikantha. Prabhu stayed here on several other occasions after this. Once during a Census, while he was in Nabadwip, he hid himself in a bush, so that he might not be counted amongst men.

While Prabhu was returning to Bakchar, he came to Krishnanagar. Here one Sarbasukh Sannyal, a great gymnast became a devotee of Prabhu. He at first had no regard for any sadhu or vaisnava. But Prabhu one day happened to see him in the street of Krishnanagar and predicted serious illness of him. Sannyal did not care about this illness, though he was charmed to see Prabhu.

But a short time afterwards he fell seriously ill and began to invoke Prabhu's blessings ardently. Prabhu appeared before him suddenly from where not known, and after blessing him disappeared. Sannyal recovered and remained devoted to Prabhu throughout the rest of his life.

On another occasion at Nabadwip, Prabhu saved Goswami Balakrishna Sachchidananda while he was going to commit suicide in a dark night, by plunging into the Ganges. Prabhu seemed to know the minds of all. Though Prabhu was at a distance, he at once sent Nabadwip Dasji to the place and told him to call him by his name and ask him not to commit suicide.

Lo, Goswami heard him being called by his name. He looked back. "How does this man know my name?" - he thought with astonishment and came back on the bank. He followed the Nabadwip Dasji to Harisabha where Prabhu was staying. Prabhu consoled him by saying, "Repentance is enough for the actions for which you were going to commit suicide." With these words Prabhu stole the mind of Goswami, who was then given a new life by him. He was a disciple of Prabhupad Bejoy Krishna Goswami.

One of the Bengali newspapers indicated that Sriman Mahaprabhu had come down on earth once again. He was seen in a steamer on the Ganges bound towards Nabadwip from Calcutta. The name of this new incarnation was "Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhu".

Noted devotees like Premananda Bharati, Sisir Kumar Ghosh and many others addressed Lord Jagadbandhu as "Nava-Gouranga" - Lord Gouranga with a new appearance. A galaxy of saints and seers of Shri Vrindaban Dham and Shri Nabadwip Dham believed Him to be the Godhead.

[A view of the Jalangi River]

[A view of the Jalangi River]

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