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"Mahendra Bandhu Angan"
of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar
at Ghurni, Nadia, India

Ghurni-Mahendra Bandhu Angan is an important place of the Holy Mahauddharan Lila of our Divine Lord Bandhusundar where He has been lying at present in Troyodas Dasa amongst the continuous Mahanam Kirtan inside the Holy Samput. And He will rise again is the belief of the followers of Mahanam Sampraday as per the promise of the Lord Himself as was interpreted by Sripad Mahendraji, founder Acharya of Mahanam Sampraday.

This place has the real atmosphere of a traditional Ashram in true sense rather than extravagant display of Architecture. Recently certain accommodations for visitors and devotees had been built. Amongst the Holy Mahanam Kirtan, continued ceaselessly for more than 88 years, one truly feels the presence of the Lord and can have his Darshan (of the Holy Samput) once a day in the morning.

Samput of Prabhu JagadbandhuSundar
kept at Ghurni Temple

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[Pictures and documentations are graciously provided by: Sri Jagattarandas Brahmachariji
of Mahanam Sampraday of India]

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Mahendra Bandhu Angan at Ghurni is located on the bank of the Jalangi river near Krishnangar in the district of Nadia, West Bengal, India. The Jalangi river flows into Nabadwip and makes a confluence with the river Bhagirathi there. This angan was founded by SriPad Mahendraji (1888-1943). The name of this temple-ashram signifies this establishment. Ghurni is a short ride by rickshaw from the railway station of Krishnanagar. One can visit this temple-ashram on the way to Nabawdip Dham where two other temple-ashrams of Jagadbandhusundar named 'SriSri Mahanam Math' established by SriSri Mahanambrataji on Poramatala Road and 'Harisabha Mandir' on Harisabha Road are located.

From Nabadwip, in a further extended itinerary, 'SriSri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Dham', the temple-ashram at Dahapara, Murshidabad, the birthplace of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar, may also be visited. From Nabadwip, Dahapara Dham is accessible by train, bus or private car/taxi.

In 1991, the casket containing the supernatural body of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar had been brought to 'Mahendra Bandhu Angan'. Since then 'Mahanam Mahakirtan' has been going on in this Angan day and night ceaslessly 24-hours a day. This Mahanam Mahakirtan will continue on without any break in the years ahead. It is the firm conviction of the followers of Mahanam Sampraday that Bandhusundar would definitely reappear amidst Mahakirtan.

Ghurni Mahendra Bnadhu Angan and Faridpur SriDham Sri-Angan are the two Mahanam Sampraday Centers where Mahanam Mahakirtan is going on without momentary discontinuity. In Faridpur SriDham Sri-Angan, Mahanam Mahakirtan has been going on since October/November 1921 after about three weeks Prabhusundar had entered the state of 'Irayodash Dasha'.

To note here is that on September 21, 1971 (in Bengali Calendar 7th Baisakh, 1378) in the afternoon, the Pak soldiers killed 8 brahmacharis in the midst of their continuous Mahanam Mahakirtan during Bangladesh Liberation War. The kirtan stopped from this time in Faridpur SriDham Sri-Angan. But continuous Mahanam Mahakirtan started at "Mahauddhran Math" of Kolkata and filled this cessation after a few days. This continuous kirtan at Mahaudhdharan Math continued on till 1976 (1383 Bengali year). From 1976 Faridpur SriDhan Sri-Angan restarted the continuous Mahanam Mahakirtan, while Mahaudhdharan Math of Kolkata ceased its continuous kirtan and rescheduled its own daily kirtan program.

In visiting Ghurni Temple/Ashram, overnight stay may be arranged by prior contact or notification to the Brahmacharis of the temple. Based on the number visitors, overight stay may be arranged in the temple premises and around the neighborhhods of Ghurni. By prior arrangements, trips to Nabadwip and Dahapara Temples may also be made from the Ghurni center. Personal individual trips to Nabadwip or Dahapara is not difficult either.

The significance of Ghurni Temple is many-fold:

Firstly, Prabhusundar's immortal body is preserved here. Secondly, the continuous Mahanam Mahakirtan in the temple and its short distance from Nabadwip Dham and optimal distances from Kolkata and Dahapara, add to the attraction to visit this temple-cum-ashram.

Again, at a reasonably short distance from Dahapara Ashram Temple, Murshidabad, are located the twin Ashram Temples 'Bandhu Sevika Sangha' and 'Prabhu Jagatbandhu Mandir' at Malda accessible by both train and bus (and also private car/taxi). And lastly, 'Sri Radahamadhab Prabhu Jagatbandhu Ashram' in Siliguri is accessible by both train and bus from Malda city (260 km) in a further extended itinerary.