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The Cyberspace of Mahanam Sampraday
and its Ashram and Temple
"Bandhu Milan Math"
of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar
at Joypara, Dohar, Dist. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Celebration of 105th Birthday of
Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari
at Bandhu Milan Math, Dohar, Dhaka in January 2010

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Dohar is located to the southwest of Dhaka city. The trip to this Ashram-Temple named “Bandhu Milan Math”, founded by SriPad Mahendraji in 1918 A.D. (Bengali Candar Year 1324) may be made from “Prabhu Jagatbandhu Mahaprakash Math” on 42/2 Hatkhola Road, Dhaka or from Narayanganj “SriSri Prabhu Jagatbandhu Ashram”. From Dhaka city the trip to Dohar Ashram is about 2 hours by bus. From Narayanganj Dohar is a bit further off by land route. From Faridpur one has to cross the Padma river either through Daulatdia (Goalundo) and Aricha Ghats on the northwest or Kaorakandi and Mawa Ghats on the southeast.

The bus from Dhaka to Dohar crosses the bridge on the “Buriganga” river (which is part of the Dhaleswari river on the southern edge of Dhaka city). It is more convenient to travel to Dohar Bandhu Milan Math from Dhaka city from where the distance is the shortest and the buses are more frequently available.

Devotees of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar are spread over neighborhoods of Dohar, Dhaka city, Faridpur and Narayanganj, since Dohar is located at the center of these cities. Buses for Dohar are also available from Keraniganj across from the Buriganga river by short boat or ferry trips from the southern edge of Dhaka city.

Joypara College and Joypara Branch of Mercantile Bank located at Samabay Super Market, Joypara Bazar contribute to the importance of Dohar.

The trend of development across Buriganga is different from the pace of development on the northern side of river. Because of the natural obstruction created by the river, Dhaka City's southward expansion could not take place on the same scale. Due to lack of proper and adequate communication system and natural constraints like low level of land, places like Keraniganj and Zinzira situated on the other side of the river have fallen behind in the progress for development.

The completion of the Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge over Buriganga in 1989 opened a new horizon of development of communication facilities for the areas on the southern side of the river. The bridge contributed to the opening of the Dhaka-Khulna highway and exerted considerable impact on the development of the areas adjoining the highway, such as Sreenagar, Jinzira, Nawabganj and Dohar. The potentialities of the bridge in the development of the areas served by the new highway are yet to be fully realised. With a view to reaping greater benefits from communication with the southern side of the river, construction of a second Buriganga Bridge at Baburbazar has been completed. The second bridge will establish an easy link between Dhaka city and Jinjira and Keraniganj and provide easy access to the Dhaka-Mawa road and Jinjira-Keraniganj-Dohar road.

The long-awaited second Buriganga Bridge is presently opened to traffic, easing up traffic between the capital city and southern areas.

Seen as a milestone in road communications, the bridge connected Babu Bazar in Old City with Jinjira in Keraniganj. Through link road it will also connect Keraniganj and Dohar Road on the West with Dhaka-Mawa-Khulna highway on the East.

Tk 148.61-crore Bridge, named "Muktijuddha Smriti Bridge", will ease communication hurdles between the capital and four upazilas of southern Dhaka and beyond.

The people in Keraniganj and old part of Dhaka (including Dohar) are happy as their long expectation is fulfilled with the opening of the second Buriganga Bridge.

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