(a state of static-dynamic existence of self-enjoyment by an avatar)

It was Aswin 1, 1328, of the Bengali year (1921 A.D.). Jagadbandhu entered into his 'Trayodash-Dasha'. The clinical sign of life disappeared, though the holy body continued to radiate its sparkling glow. The unexpected event came as a bolt from the blue. Devotees from all parts of the country rushed to Sri Angan. Amidst utter confusion and lamentation the devotees started chanting 'Mahanam Kirtan'. In high expectation and with continuous kirtan, the devotees waited for eleven days, but in vain. Prabhu did not wake. On the 12th day, Krishnadasji, an ardent devotee, informed others that he had received instructions (in dream) from the Lord Jagadbandhu for keeping Him under ground after proper worshipping. Tears rolled out of the eyes of thousands of devotees. They observed the heart-breaking rites performed under the guidance of Krishnadasji. The light disappeared, the Mahanam Kirtan stopped, and the devotees dispersed.

Thereafter, Sri Mahendradasji, Sri Kunjadasji, Sri Nabadwipdasji, all devotees of the hisghest order, met together and initiated discussions on the contents of 'Chandrapat' -"Bandhu Nai Jay" (Bandhu does not go) - Sri Nabadwipdasji emphatically stated that the Lord had entered into His 'Trayodash-Dasha'. The Lord himself had given such an indication much earlier. Now it was the sublime duty of the followers to go on chanting 'Mahanam' uniterruptedly. They reached the firm conclusion that the Lord Jagadbandhu would emerge in the same body someday. This conclusion is not based on mere belief; it based on categorical assurances given by the Lord Himself.

The great devotees shook off their melancholy state of mind and resumed their assigned duties. After a gap of about three weeks, Mahendraji and Kunjadasji entered into Sri Angan Gambhira temple and started 'Mahanam Mahakirtan' on 2nd Kartik of 1328 Begali year (1921 A.D.). This 'Mahakirtan' has been going on continuously and uninterruptedly.

In the mean time, the Divine Body of the Lord was put into a wooden casket and placed inside the Gambhira temple. During the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971, the holy casket was brought to 'Mahaudhdharan Math' at Maniktala Road in Calcutta. In 1991, the casket containing the supernatural body of Prabhu Jagadbandhu had been shifted to 'Mahendra Bandhu Angan', Ghurni, Krishnanagar, West Bengal. But there has not been any break in the chanting of Mahanam. It is the firm conviction of the followers of the 'Mahanam Sampraday' that the Lord would definitely reappear amidst Mahakirtan. He would surely come out of the ambrosial state of 'Trayodash-Dasha' and embrace and emancipate all beings.

Continuous chanting of the kirtan shall bring back Lord Jagadbandhu before the eyes of mortal beings. The entire universe would dance in harinam and all beings shall conglomerate in joy and bliss.

Again, the 'Chandrapat' and 'Harikatha' give some symbolic indications about His 'Trayodash-Dasha' as well as restoration therefrom.