A panoramic view of the Gambhira Temple of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar in SriDham SriAngan, Faridpur, February 6-7, 2001

View in 2001 (left) ............................... View in 2009 (new structure added on right)
The numbering of the pictures are from left to right and then down. All the pictures are clickable for viewing and printing in a bigger size.


1 is a view of the peak across from the Chalta Tree adjoining the Gambhira and the kirtan building.

2 is taken a short distance away from the entrance door to the perpetual kirtan building.

3 is a view of the entire temple adjoining the kirtan building . On the left side of the picture, across from the tall tree is the temple of Nyayaratna and Bamadevi (Bandhusundar's parents).

4 & 6 highlight the Chalta Tree, watered and nurtured for a long time by Prabhu's bathing on the south-east corner contiguous to the Gambhira and akhanda (continuous) kirtan abode. The single branch of the Chalta Tree in both these pictures is photographed separately later in another picture with a Bakul Tree.

5 is the front view of the temple taken from a short distance.

It is an enlarged view of the entrance door of the temple as seen in pictures 7 & 8. The entrance door and the two side stairways remain closed all the time. Jagadbandhusundar is seated in the Gambhira shrine with his back to this entrance door. The visitors have to come through the entrance door of the kirtan building to have a view of Bandhusundar when the shrine is open for viewing and during the morning and evening arati.