Prabhu came to Dhaka (previously named 'Dacca') for the first time in the summer of 1301 B.E. (1894 A.D.). Ramesh Chakraborty and other devotees were staying in a Boarding House at Moulavibazar. Prabhu was given a separate room which was cleared and cleansed with cowdung mixed with water.

Here also Prabhu used to roam about at the dead of night with one or two devotees. He did, however, return after a short stay. He next went to Dhaka in Magh (January-February) of 1305 B.E. (1898 A.D.). He reached Narayanganj by steamer where a special train was waiting for Nawab Salimulla of Dhaka. Prabhu in a lordly demeanor got into that very special train. The Nawab and his Private Secretary Mr. J.L. Girth were charmed to see the uncommon beauty and loveliness of his lustrous body and they did not go on board that train. They rather made every arrangement for being availed of by Prabhu and his party to reach Dhaka undisturbed.

In Dhaka Prabhu went to the garden house of Ramdhan Saha at Tikatuly, which still exists. He was a great Vaisnava and built a temple for Radha-Govinda in that garden. But before the images were installed, Prabhu took his seat there. Sahaji was rather glad at Prabhu's stay there for some days.

Ramesh Chakraborty, Kalindi Mohon, Purna Chandra Ghosh, Sudhanya Sarkar, Pyari Mohon and other devotees of Prabhu belonged to Dhaka.

While Prabhu was returning from Dhaka he came to Nayaranganj, which is 17 km south-east of Dhaka connected by road and rail. Narayanganj is located at the mouth of Sitalakhya river. The distance between Dhaka and Faridpur towns is about 40 miles (64 km). Prabhu was accompanied by Nabadwip Das. They took the steamer to Faridpur. Inside the cabin of the steamer Prabhu was in a state of great emotional fervor and expressed to Nabadwip who he was. "Govinda is the beginning of all, the origin of all creation. His existence depends on nothing whatsoever, being the Supreme Being Himself -He is Sri Sri Krishna and Sri Sri Gouranga. He, who is the combination of all powers of these two Lilas of Sri Sri Krishna and Sri Sri Gouranga, is Sri Sri Haripurush Prabhu Jagadbandhu. Know me as to be the same". Thus Nabadwip came to know his real identity and spoke of it to the world delightfully.

This revelation by Prabhu was perhaps triggered by the friendly mockery of an associate of Prabhu named Ramdas of Dhaka. Ramdas called Prabhu a female proud of her white complexion ("gour-garabini") in the residence at Moulavibazar in Dhaka. Prabhu was very upset at this comment and asked Nabadwip to tell Ramdas that it is an insult to call a man a woman. In fact, he was the man of men Haripurush and that this type of insult for the honored like him is equivalent to death.

A sadhu of Dhaka, Tripurilinga Swami by name, used to talk derisively about Prabhu, to whoever he met, Ramesh Chakraborty and others. "Who is your Prabhu?" he asked again and again. Ramesh Chakraborty aggrieved at heart, informed this to Prabhu. Prabhu wrote on a piece of paper the words in Bengali and sent it to Ramesh Chakraborty. Blocks of this writing have been printed in many books on Prabhu:

1. Name:- Jagad Bandhu
2. Janma:-Mahendra Kshna
3. Murshidabad:- Raj
4. Charihasta Purush.
5. Hari Mahbataran.

In addition to the main ashram and temple SriSri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Mahaprakash Math located in the Tikatuly area of Dhaka, there are a few other Prabhu Jadgadbandhu ashrams and temples in the district of Dhaka, one in Doher, one in Narayanganj and one in Mymensingh. Mymensingh used to be quite isolated from the rest of Bangladesh by the Jamuna and Meghna rivers, but now it conveniently accessible via the newly built Jamuna Bridge, which claims to be the 11th longest bridge in the world spanning over a distance of 4.8 kilometers. The Prabhu Jagadbandhu ashram of Doher, Dhaka is a bus ride of about 2 hours from the Dhaka bus terminus. For exact addresses of these centers, please click on the link below to browse if you wish: