Bandhukunda, Samadhi (Grave) of Bakulal Biswas and Digambari Temple in SriDham SriAngan, Faridpur
February 6-7, 2001

[An earlier picture of Bandhukunda from the book "Bandhulila Tarangini"]

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1: Bandhukunda is a large pond of clear water located on the northeast of the Sri-Angan Ashram presently outside the brick wall that surrounds the premises of Sri-Angan. Prabhu Jagadbandhu used to be seen floating in his 'lotus-seat' position in this pond once in a while. Bandhukunda extends to the other side of the Jessore Road Highway through the bridge inlet as can be seen in the picture.

2: The samadhi (grave) place of Bakulal Biswas, Bandhusundar's close associate and friend and a district magistrate. It is located to the north of the cow-shed and behind it. Bakulal Biswas aspired to be buried in Sri-Angan and so he was.

3: Digambari Temple - located past the guest houses to the southern end and in front of the pond located inside the Sri-Angan premises. Digambari Devi's daughter Kshiroda Devi (wife of Atul Champati) looked after Bandhusundar in his childhood.