Bakchar Sri Angan
(1890-1894 A.D.)

Gopal Mitra, Mahim Das and Kodai Saha all belonged to Bakchar, a village about 5 miles from Brahmankanda. They became close followers of Prabhu. They were all good Kitaniyas (Kirtan singers) and Prabhu wanted to spread Harinam through them .

The great Gopal Mitra whom Prabhu called Jyetha (father's elder brother) had a Kirtan-party of his own. He was enchanted with the wonderful melody of Prabhu's compositions. He was the first to take upon himself the task of spreading Kirtan songs of Prabhu.

Then, enjoying the sweet melody of these songs and finding how people of different places are charmed by these, Gopal Mitra formed a Kirtan-party of forty-nine good singers and insisted on Prabhu to come over to Bakchar. It was towards the end of Agrahayan of 1297 B.E. (1890 A.D.) that Prabhu desired to arrive at Bakchar. Hearing this, all the devotees took him to the house of Gopal Mitra, rending the sky with kirtan in rythmic accompaniment of the 'Mridangas', 'Cymbals' and 'Conchs', etc.

Prabhu stayed at his house for a few days and went t the house of Mahim Das. Here people flocked in and enjoyable Kirtan was being sung daily. Nechu Saha, Kodai Saha, Banku Saha and some others of the village carried on Kirtan before dawn and went around Bakchar and some other neighboring villages at Prabhu's direction. Bakchar became the second Vrindaban. People were passing their time in great joy. They forgot their worldly needs and needs they had few. They were so simple and loving. Sometimes Prabhu distributed among them in the midst of Kirtan whatever eatables available inside the house, musical instruments for Kirtan and even currency notes and coins.

Sri Angan, an abode and playground of the Divine, was established at Bakchar in (1894 A.D.). Prabhu did not live here throughout the year. He generally used to stay at bakchar for about 4 months in the rainy season every year. The rest of the year he spent at Brahmankanda or Goalchamat. He would occasionally go to Calcutta, Nabadwip and other places. The devotees would carry him on their shoulders in an empty box to Panchuria Railway Station, whenever he would go to those places. The present Rajbari-Faridpur line went upto Panchuria then. The bhaktas indicated that Prabhu at times became very heavy, as such it became difficult for the bearers to hold him up. And as they informed of their inability to Prabhu, he would say, "Hold on with Harinam and you will be able". Having done so they found him to have become very light.

Prabhu used to hold cow-boy-sports with the young devotees of Bakchar. He got for them many sorts of attire to dress them as cow-boys. After dressing them, he would go out with them and would be intoxicated with Kirtan-joy along the village paths. All this reminds one of the Vrindaban Lilas of Sri Krishna with Kirtans added to it.

He formed two Kirtan-parties here: (1) one with senior persons and (2) one with junior boys. He went to Nabadwip, Pabna and other places several times together with them. It was sight to enjoy when he had once crossed over to Nabadwip in a boat, his young devotees singing his song "Esa esa Nabadwip Roy" (come, come oh! Lord of Nabadwip).

He played many other holy and joyous sports at Bakchar, which showed how dearly he loved them and how eager he was for the spiritual elevation of the villagers, so frank and simple as the Braja-gopas and gopis of Krishna Lila.

He wanted the young devotees to come to him to hold Kirtan in the morning and the evening at the 'Angina' (Sri-Angan) and in and around the village at dawn.