Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar in Sri Vindaban
(about 6 months in 1890 at age 19 and a few months in 1892 A.D. at age 21)

Prabhu first went to Sri Vrindaban in 1890 at the request of Rajashri Banamali Roy and stayed there for about 6 months, mainly at the Radha Vinod Temple, established by Rajashri.

Rajasshri Banamali Roy of Tarash in Pabna District, a great zamindar once came to see him after he had heard about him. He was charmed at Prabhu’s exquisite beauty and feelings. Thereafter the Rajashri used to come occasionally to Prabhu and discuss devotional Bhagavata topics with him.

From part of 1890 to 1892, Prabhu roamed throughout India and also outside. One day he was seen in the streets of Paris. From the description given in the French papers of the time, Champati Thakur and other devotees could easily guess that it was none but Prabhu. Rajashri Banamali Roy also established the Devakinanadan Press in Calcutta wherefrom he began to publish the Vaisnavite books.

After living incognito for about a year and a half (during 1890-1892) Prabhu was seen at the Maharaja’s palace of Jaipur. He stayed there for two or three months and occasionally worshipped the original "Radha-Govinda Bigraha" of Vrindaban, which was moved to Joypur during Muslim invasions.

Thence he went to Sri Vindaban again and put up with Rajashri Banamali Roy. The Rajashri was elated with joy at the sight of the then unspeakably charming appearance of Prabhu. He looked like a new Gouranga. All the devout Vaisnavas of Vrindaban were attracted to Prabhu.

At Sri Vrindaban, Prabhu stayed occasionally at Gyan Gudri, Ayodhya Kunja, Hydrabat Kunja, Keshi Ghat etc. Owing to Prabhu’s observance of silence then, the famous vaisnavas of Vrindaban called him ‘Mauni Baba’. Renowned Vaisnava Sadhaka Manohar Dasji of Govinda Kunja and Jagadish Baba, the disciples of Siddha Bhagaban Das Babaji and Shyamadas Babaji of Kusum Sarobar felt fortunate to see Prabhu many a time. While Prabhu would go to Radha Kunda or Shyama Kunda, he used to stay at the Jagannath Temple there. One day he expressed to one of his devotees that Srimati (Prabhu could not utter ‘Radha’ and used to refer as ‘Srimati’ instead) gave him the holy Krishna ‘Mantra’.

During Prabhu’s stay at Sri Vrindaban, the cows were found to lick passionately his body, whenever he would halt at a place. He also used to play with them. The aforesaid Syamdas Babaji one day saw him surrounded by cows while Prabhu was lying at the foot of the Govardhan Hill. He could thus easily recognize that Prabhu was no other than the Beloved of Braja.

Another incident of Vrindaban is being narrated here, which will certainly give joy to the readers. Prabhu one day said to the Rajashri as he cited to a particular tamarind tree that this great personality would leave its mortal frame at 1 p.m. the next day. At his directive, Rajashri arranged ‘Nama Kirtan’ to be sung for 24 hours surrounding the tree. To the astonishment of all, the tree fell down at the specified time, though there was no wind or storm

Another day Prabhu found that the parents of a dead boy were lamenting bitterly at the cremation ground. Prabhu, moved by pity, revived the boy by calling him "Re lala, lala, lala’ (Oh dead child, dear child!). Then the boy got up and consoled his parents and said that the world was transitory and nobody was related to anybody. God alone is permanent, who only was to be loved and worshipped. As the boy said so, he fell to eternal sleep again.