--- Welcome to Ghurni ---
Mahendra-Bandhu Angan Temple and premises!
Kindly accept our dandavat and obeisance
for graciously visiting one of the most
divine Temples of Prabhusundar!!

The Sri-Mandir of Prabhusundar at Ghurni. Inside this most sacred temple rests the mortal remains of the divine body of Prabhusundar in a wooden casket. Unceasing Mahanam Kirtan continues on inside this temple 24 hours a day through out the year, the Harinam Kirtan Yajna as it is called that started in 1991, when the casket was brought here from Mahaudhdharan Math of Kolkata.

The Ghurni Temple and premises is named "Mahendra-Bandhu Angan". The Brahmacharis of the Angan are standing in front of the temple of Prabhusundar.

Another view of the Temple of Prabhusundar at Mahendra-Bandhu Angan inside which the casket containing the remains of the divine body of Prabhu Jagadbandhu is housed with ceaseless Mahanam Mahakirtan year round.

The main entrance door to the shrine of Prabhusundar with the inscription of Mahanam Mahakirtan written by Prabhusundar himself in 'Chandrapat'.
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The main Temple of Prabhusundar before the casket containing the reamains of Prabhusundar's divine body was brought to Ghurni and the New Temple as pictured earlier was constructed.

The Guru Mandir of Mahendra-Bandhu Angan, located amidst a sublime ambience of tall and leafy trees in the temple premises that cast a shadow of solemn peace and tranquility in the visitors' mind!

The guest houses of Ghurni Mahendra-Bandhu Angan.

Sri Rasabandhu Brahmachariji, the Brahmachari-in-charge of Mahendra-Bandhu Angan, Ghurni, sitting in front of the bigraha (statue) of Bandhusundar and the picture of SriSri Mahanambrata Brahmachariji.

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