Welcome to the way to Bandhukunja in Vrindaban

This Gateway Arch is called "Mahanambrata Prabesh Dwar" and is put up by Vrindavan Municipal Corporation at the main entrance of the Vrindavan city on the Mathura Vrindavan Road, in the Holy memory of Vaisnava Saint Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari of Mahanam Sampraday who was well known in Vrindavan amongst the Vaisnabites, Scholars and intellectuals.

Welcome to the holy lands of Mathura, Sri Vrindaban and the premises of SriSri Bandhukunja


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Vrindaban is the place where the sanctified existence of Radha and Krishna pervades the atmosphere in a timeless manner as Prabhu Jagadbandhu felt in his ecstatic heart and transcendent mind during his lilas with devotees in Sri Vrindaban!

When shall I have
the divine grace of Radha
to bless me
to go to Vrindaban!
When shall I be able
to put and carry the dusts
of the roads,
(of Vrindaban!)
sanctified by the footsteps
of the Gopis,
on my head!

When shall I go out
on assignations
with Krishna's confidantes!
When shall I be able
to behold the union
of Radha and Krishna!

Original Bengali version of the song above

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as written by Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar!]

I shall satisfy my hunger
by begging alms
in the gardens of Krishna!
I shall sing the songs
of the virtues of Krishna!
I shall stroll around the forests
and preserve
the sanctified existence
of Krishna!

Original Bengali version of the song on the left side

A view of the skyline of the holy city of Vrindaban, the Land of Lilas of Lord Krishna over 5000 years ago!
In the back across from the hilly skyline, the river Yamuna is visible!
[Source --- http://www.mathura-vrindavan.com]

A view of the holy River Yamuna, the heart of the Brajabhoomi of Mathura and Vrindaban!
[Source --- http://www.mathura-vrindavan.com]

A view of the celebration of "Nagar Sankirtan" (singing songs of praise aloud for SriKrishna, SriChaitanya and SriBandhusundar in accompaniment of mridangas, cymbals, etc. and strolling the city and the proximities in a large group of devotees in a festive manner) arranged and conducted by Mahanam Sampraday of "Bandhukunja" located in Vrindaban in the name of SriSri Prabhu Jagagadbandhusundar, photographed by Dave Thomas. The Kirtan Celebration originated from the "Bandhukunja" premises at Sri Vrindaban.

Mathura and Vrindaban
as the confluence of
Brajalila, Gourlila and Mahaudhdharanlila

The twin holy cities of Mathura and Vrindaban are at a distance of 15 km apart and pervade their milieu with the name of Lord Krishna and the reminiscences of His Lilas.

Mathura, situated on the West Bank of the river Yamuna is the holiest landmass where Lord Krishna was born at midnight 5228 years ago from the day of the Janmastami on August 11, 2001. In reference to the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was about 2 years younger than Yudhisthira and about 6 months older than Arjuna.

Mathura is located between Delhi and Agra. It is about 145 km southeast of Delhi and about 45 km northeast of Agra.

Vrindaban, about 15 km southeast of the twin city Mathura, is the landmass where Lord Krishna had His playful pastimes in his youth with the Gopis and SriRadha in and around the holy forests, the bank of the river Yamuna and other vicinities.

Mathura and Vrindaban have been popularly as well as historically referred to as the "Brajabhoomi" that links the names of the twin cities significantly to the Lord's name "Braja".

The Brajabhoomi extends to Gokula (where Lord Krishna was moved soon after his birth to hide Him away from Kansa, his maternal uncle, the then ruler of Mathura. Kansa intended to kill Him to stay as the ruler of Mathura), Govardhan, Nandagram, the twelve forests and other proximities. But Mathura and Vrindaban remain as the hub of the Brajabhoomi.

Devotees of Lord Krishna feel that the transcendental landmass of Mathura and Sri Vrindaban perpetually praises and salutes Lord Krishna to express His devotees everlasting enchantment, love and devotion for Him! The dust particles of the roads and roadsides, lanes and by-lanes and bazaars, and the air flowing through the trees, forests, temples and the river Yamuna of the twin holy cities, proclaim the everlasting existence of Lord Krishna in the fluttering air of the Brajabhoomi and fill the devotees in immanent pleasure! The devotees feel their life is sanctified and fulfilled in the land of Brajabhoomi and they are blessed by Lord Krishna in His own land.

The river Yamuna, the most sacred river of India, flows through the heartland of Vrindaban and skirts the twin city of Mathura on the west side. The river Yamuna is the very heart and the pulse of the twin holy cities of Mathura and Vrindaban that had evidenced the Lilas of Lord Krishna, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar, the triad of Brajalila, Gourlila and Mahaudhdharanlila over a span of more than 500 hundred years!.

This river Yamuna makes her confluence with the twin sacred river Ganges at Prayaga Triveni Sangam in Allahabad in her southwestern flow.

Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar, the initiator of Mahaudhdharan Lila came to visit Mathura and Sri Vrindaban in 1890 and 1892 at the ages of 19 and 21. He tasted the nectar of Braja Lila and Gour Lila and felt reunited with SriKrishna, SriRadha and SriChaitanya as he set his holy foot on this holiest land of the Brajabhoomi. The dust sprinkles of the roads of Mathura-Vrindaban, believed to still contain the sanctified footmarks of SriKrishna, SriRadha and SriChaitanya and the water of the river Yamuna consecrated by their blessed touch and the places of their Lilas gratified his divine state of existence to an ecstatic pacification, as Bandhusundar roamed around the Brajabhoomi and felt united with SriKrishna, SriRadha and SriChaitanya. In fact, Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar visited all the places sanctified by the Lilas of SriKrishna and SriChaitanya - Vrindaban Forests, Brishabhanupur, Nandagram, Keshi Ghat, Jagannath Mandir, to name a few, bathed in the holiest water of the Yamuna, Lalita Kunda, Shyama Kunda and Radha Kunda. As he visited Radha Kunja he swooned in his sublime feelings towards SriRadha.

The playground for Brajalila was Vrindaban, that for Gourlila was Nabadwip and lastly Mahaudhdharanlila originated first in Bakchar, Faridpur and then took its full form in Goalchamat - SriDham SriAngan in Faridpur, now in Bangladesh.

In 1890 A.D. , Prabhu Jagadabandhu created the confluence of Brajalila, Gourlila/Chaitanyalila and Mahaudhdharanlila as he came to Vrindaban to taste the nectar of Krishna Lila and Gour Lila. Through his Harinam Sankirtan in the accompaniment of his devotees in the Brajabhoomi of Mathura and Vrindaban, he made the bridge between Brajalila, Gourlila and Mahaudhdharanlila.

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