[This book is graciously provided by Sri Jeff Whittier of Palo Alto, California]

The Tramp at My Door


The incidents here given were the beginning of many years of contact with The Tramp, who in turn sent to Nola, others of the Emlder Brothers to teach the truth. Truth has been taught down through the many thousands of years. It comes in many ways and many forms to reach all people in every walk of life.

The Elder Brothers are contacts of the Radiant Temple, teaching many people near and afar. The Truth is not taught as a Religion. This Truth belongs not to any Creed nor to any Cult. Truth is taught in a simple form of understanding that it may help people to live their Religious Faith more abundantly. Experience is the greatest teacher of the Truth. You may hide Truth, but you cannot lose Truth.

This story as told to me is but the beginning of many experiences to be told in book form, coming out soon. Look for this New Way of telling Truth. Ten Years of Experiences on Mount Shasta. This book will tell you about many places on the slopes of Mount Shasta including the Radiant Temple, and where it is located.

In looking at this Beautiful Mountain you see it alone among its rolling green valleys; it is a marvelous sight to see. It peaks seems to touch the azure skies. Its snow-capped heights can be seen from many miles. The lure of its slopes with their "Stillness" moves one with its grandeur and its magnitude. From its heights you look down into rich green valleys where many happy people live. The many mountain streams leave strange sounds as they rush down the slopes to the far away ocean. The wonder of wonders are the great trees which wood the many slopes, swaying in the winds and giving shelter to the many wild animals. Ah, truly, this mountain is a Monument Unto God. – Eltra A. Gentry, March 1962.


The town was Richmond, California.
Jerry’s Mother was Margaret Isabell Van Valer, of San Jose, California.
Jerry name was Jerrett Ridgeway Van Valer, born in in San Jose, but lived in Richmond, California. Died in San Jose, California 1944.
Nola C. Van Valer, born in Ohio, married in California. Time of the story lived in Richmond, California.
Two cats belonged to Mother Van Valer; cats’ names Fluff and Muff.
Doc Besue, a colored man, male nurse and brought to our home by the medical Doctor, Doctor Leatherwood of San Francisco. At this time I do not know if he is alive.
Jerry had not been disconnected from the Army Hospital in San Francisco, as his discharge was total heart trouble, under Major Jones and Colonel Appleton.
The case was under Dr. Leatherwood, M.D., at the time of this story experience.