Sayings and Injunctions of
Pravoo Jagadbandhu


  1. Do please listen attentively to what I say, read what I write with attention and keep in mind once and for ever al that I enjoin.
  2. Contemplate on what I say. Your prosperity and stability lie on following my injunction. My work on earth will remain for a long time.
  3. In this dark iron age sin is ripe and man wanders about under the influence of his destiny without turning his mind to truth and purity. When a man is possessed with dark spirit of sin he does not listen to good advice and takes good for evil.
  4. Live in peace. Be devoted to your kindreds and have simplicity. Follow the ways of the world without having recourse to sin.
  5. Practice Brahmacharya and persuade others to do it.
  6. Do not look at women with luring eyes. Delusion makes you forgetful of everything.
  7. Proclaim the message of devotion and thus relieve me from the anxiety of doing good to the world.
  8. Night is profitious to devotion. Then take your seat in sastikashan with your eyes raised up and hear calm and still and take the name of the Lord.
  9. Mind is naturally fickle. Do not give it any indulgence.
  10. Man’s life is not meant for sin. It is ffor devotion and culture.
  11. Walk in the path of purity. Your simple life means the success of my Mission of Liberation.
  12. Be simple and remove impurity.
  13. Do not indulge in envy and malice in Churches and Societies. Blaming others leads you astray. Honour all. Envy and malice are great sins.
  14. Taking the broken meat of others is a great sin, a great fraud. Do not give it to anybody and take it from others.
  15. Self preservation consists in self control. The bodily systemcan be preserved only by constant purity, devotion as well as freedom from contact with anything evil.
  16. Devotion means cure and the want of devotion means disease and death. Nobody can stand in the way of a devotee.
  17. Look upon everybody on earth as your kindred. Be all of you polite.
  18. Always speak the truth and never tell a lie, even if you are confronted with death. All of you follow the Path of truth.
  19. Avoid adversely criticising others like poison.
  20. Do not look to external aspect of things.
  21. Animal sacrifice does never promote the prosperity of man. End of the sacrificer is painful. Follow the path of harmlessness with vigour of a lion. Do not hurt anybody.
  22. You will surely be able to do a thing with the vigour of a lion if you are in right earnest.
  23. Man can accomplish all things if there is steady and unshakable vigour and earnest will.
  24. Do not waste time.
  25. Idleness leads a man into the jaws of death – into great delusion.
  26. Walk straight in your own legs and in the path of honour.
  27. Private conscience is verily a virtue.
  28. Do not indulge in empty talks – it is a misfortune.
  29. Preserve the rules of diet. Do not fill your belly when it is sufficiently full.
  30. Give up for ever anger, pride, sense of of false honour and fear.
  31. Man is apt to be carried away by sensational things. He loves commotion. Do not be carried away by these things. Do not despair but follow the path of universal love steadily, honestly and sincerely.
  32. Lust passes for love.
  33. In this dark age of delusion, lust overtakes you all. This is the great ‘go’ of this dirty world. Self-decption and betray prevail. You are to be very careful here.
  34. Always take into consideration the elements of time, place and person.
  35. Do not remain fools.
  36. Wine ruins a man.
  37. Always entertain your brethren, friends, neighbours, kindreds with truth, sympathy and purity and never cherish quarrel or envy in your mind.
  38. Feed the hungry to the best of your power.
  39. Keep to the path of duty and discharge our proper functions.
  40. Go where the saints abide and avoid fickleness and ecstasy.
  41. Do not go toevil places and do not see evil sights. Do not tiuch impure things and take no evil food.
  42. Avoid bad society, bad taste, anger, requests of evil persons, bad gifts and bad books by all means.
  43. Cultivate the habit of reading scriptures, kindness to animal, devotion to truth, take light food and maintain gravity and never hanker after earthly pleasures.
  44. Walk about without fear.
  45. Think yourself alone in the world.