Prabhu Jagadbandhu's Picture at Mount Shasta

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Mt. Shasta used as the background of this screen "is perenially shrouded in snow and is sometimes engirdled with lenticular cloud formations that cap the snowy peak."

This picture originated from Mother Mary Mae Maier, who got the picture from Faridpur Sri-Angan during her visit of the Ashram in 1950. This picture along with a large painting of Jagadbandhu and also SriPad Mahendraji was a part of Mother Mary Mae Maier's monastic life as a devotee of Jagadbandhu in her residence, named "The Inn" at Mount Shasta city downtown location in California. Mount Shasta City downtown is about 600, 277 and 700 miles respectively from the downtown locations of Los Angeles, San Fransisco and 700 Las Vegas, Nevada by car.

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Written by: Prafulla Kumar Sarkar, M.A.]