[Written by: Jeff Whittier of Palo Alto, California -
Excerpts from the book "Good Is Never Lost"]

In 1951 Mother Mary Mae Maier walked barefoot from India into Tibet and was taken to a hidden city of 5,000 saints, sadhus, and yogis. She lectured them on the need to serve humanity. She said only a few understood her message, but those few asked her, upon her return to America, to move permanently to Mt. Shasta and to open what was to be called "The Inn." These few Great Ones told her they would use their spiritual powers to send to her those who she could help on the Path. She said, "10,000 came." I was one of them.

I saw the same thing happen in one way or another many times. Someone might be driving up Hwy. 1-5 on a Sunday night and simply get hungry, turn off into town and find that her restaurant was the only place open. Although she was alone upstairs in her room, she would know that a seeker had come in, and would come downstairs unbidden, sit at the next table and strike up a conversation. Within a few minutes, she would be giving this person the knowledge or teachings they were meant to receive, in the most humble and informal way.

She did not believe in "guruism," did not take disciples, did not put on "holy" airs, and very few indeed understood who and what she really was. She valued anonymity. Despite what has been variously reported, she did not start any "Shree Shree Provo" sect, and was fond of saying, "Don't join anything." She truly believed that each person is individually responsible for their own path through many lives, and that each person should find their own way to God. God, after all, is within us. One time, as if reading my mind, she said to me, "If you really want to help me in my spiritual work, be sincere. That will help me the most of all. If you make 100 million mistakes, sincerity will bring you through."

The title of this book, "Good Is Never Lost," was an aphorism of hers. For me, it has a special meaning, which I will present here. In the 1980's and 90's I attended an Alice Bailey study group in Berkeley, California. One night, our discussion turned to "The Divine Plan of Evolution." I suggested to our group that two favorite sayings of Mother Mary were relevant to this subject, and illustrated how we ourselves could make a contribution to human evolution. The first is "Nothing for the good is ever lost," and the second is, "There is no great or small." One of the members of our group couldn't understand what I was saying, and asked me several times to repeat it. So I gave him her alternate, "No good is ever lost." Then my friend proceeded to de-construct this statement into, "You never lose any good thing," and "Nothing is good and it's lost," and a couple of other such permutations as well. I was actually very irritated, but being a reasonably civilized man, I held my tongue with an expenditure of will-power and went on. I thought of Mother Mary, and said to her deep in my heart, at least I have tried to present your teachings.

Several months later, I contacted everyone I could think of who had known Mother Mary, and invited all to meet up at Sand Flat on Mt. Shasta on July 4, 1992. When I called Henry Fuller, one of Mother Mary's closest friends for many years, he immediately agreed to come and told me how much he was looking forward to being there. A few days later he called me back, and told me, "I have a telepathic message for you from Mother Mary." I thought to myself, "Sure, you do." But, being a reasonably civilized man, I held my tongue once again.

Despite the fact this book is about Great Ones, Astrology, Brothers and Space Brothers, I really do consider myself highly skeptical about spiritual claims. For instance, in this book there is information about a numerological system which Mother Mary said is derived from the system used in Atlantis by the Brothers of Solitude. But in a true base-12 system, there are no double-digits until the number 13, so 10, 11, and 12, cannot be reduced to 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Also, there are teachings about music and keynotes which were written about a century ago, when the values of these notes were different. Most Americans today believe the tone A equals 440 Hertz, however, this is historically not the case. I have seen tuning-forks from 1900 marked A=426. My math book from 1960 gives the value of A as 436 hertz. I myself make musical instruments for sale in Europe, and the order I am working on right now, as of this writing, is a batch of bamboo flutes for the Stockholm production of "Miss Saigon," where they use the value of A=442. So, comments made in this book about the Key of F major, for instance, would actually be something around the key of E today, particularly in Europe.

When Henry told me he had a message for me from Mother Mary, I really didn't believe him. I asked him what it was. He said, "I don't want to tell you over the phone. I'll tell you at Mt. Shasta." When we met at Mt. Shasta, I asked him again, and he said, "She told me to tell you that when you speak with people, tell them 'Good is never lost.' She told me that she didn't figure out how to put this phrase until she left the body. She used to say, 'No good is ever lost' and 'Nothing for the good is ever lost' but after she left the body she realized that starting the sentence with a negative deflects the understanding of the listener. If you want people to understand, it's much better to say 'Good is never lost.' " I was very surprised by this message. Taught me a lesson.

In the same vein, I would recommend to the reader to contrast the section called by Henry Fuller "Rainbow Gems" with the similar section of teachings taken from "Atlantis Speaks Again." These two lists of aphorisms were written 25 years apart, and Mother Mary's own evolution during that period is apparent in them. Between the two, she reached nirvikalpa samadhi (a trance or profound meditation in which one is completely identical with or absorbed into the Infinite), which she called "The union of Soul and Spirit." If you use your discernment, you will feel the energy of that light emanating from her later work, yet the hint of it is in the earlier material as well.


Mary Mae Hoffman was born in Philadelphia on Dec. 25, 1894. Her father was Joseph Hoffman, a wealthy and successful German immigrant from Hamburg. In her early twenties, she moved to Los Angeles, California. After a very unsatisfactory first marriage, she married Max Maier, who worked as a piano tuner. She herself worked in the film industry, designing and making costumes for various films under the professional names "Peggy Hamilton" and "Mae Hamilton."

In 1923, she was reading the book, "Dweller on Two Planets" written by Frederick Spencer Oliver, amanuensis to the adept Phylos, when she opened it to a page that said only, "Go to Mt. Shasta." It startled her, and she put the book down. She opened it the next day to another page, which also said only, "Go to Mt. Shasta." The next day, she opened it once again, and this time it said, "Go to Mt. Shasta in three days." She didn't have the money for a train ticket, and she and Max had difficulty raising it. When she did get on the train by herself three days later, two men walked up to her and said, "When you get to Mt. Shasta, look up Mac Olberman." Then they left her. She had no idea who Mac was. He is remembered today as the man who built the Sierra Club lodge at Horse Camp on Mt. Shasta, and Olberman's Causeway, a path of stones leading up the mountain from Horse Camp.

When she reached the train station at Mt. Shasta, she made inquiries as to where she could find Mr. Olberman. She eventually walked up Hwy. 99 to his cottages-for-rent north of town, and he put her up in a cottage which curiously had a picture of a woman who looked just like her on the wall. He said to her, "How long I have waited for you to come," but he didn't say much else. They were very close friends for the next 25 years until his death. She knew that he knew much about Mt. Shasta, but anytime she asked him a question with some spiritual angle to it, he would reach in his shirt pocket and pull out a Bull Durham bag of small gold nuggets. He would pour them out on the table and say, "I never used one of these for myself." She said, "I hated those nuggets." In the six months or so before his death, he started to answer her questions. He was losing his eyesight, but he took her up on the mountain and showed her from a distance the place where Jerry Van Valer, his wife Nola, and their party had been taken inside Mt. Shasta to a temple built in Atlantean times. Mac and Lady Mae, as she liked to be called, talked with each other about what that temple had been in Atlantis, and revealed to each other their memories of that time and place. Mac also told her that in the 1800's she had been a native American woman in Siskiyou County, and that a photograph of her in that life was in the County Museum in Yreka. Mary Mae Maier was the first person Mac Olberman allowed to walk on the stones of his causeway.

She rarely spoke of her past lives, but sometimes she would mention that she had been at Mt. Shasta in Atlantean times, that events during that period went very badly at the Temple, and that karma from that time still affected events in her own life and the work of the adepts at Mt. Shasta. This is the origin of the title of her book, "Atlantis Speaks Again." She also said that she was the re-incarnation of a Hopi holy woman whose room is still kept today by two elderly women on the First Mesa, because there is a prophecy that she would someday return to that room. She went with her friendHenry Fuller up to the door of that room, but would not enter, because she did not believe that she should fulfill the prophecy at that time. She did much work with the native Americans, who called her "Rainbow." Part of this work was to publish the book, "The Great White Chief," and most of the copies of this book were given to native Americans.

In the 1930's, Mary Maier opened the Rainbow Auditorium, at 3210 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. She made this space available to many speakers from a myriad of viewpoints at a nominal fee. Baird Spaulding, who along with his assistant Thane Walker, wrote the books, "Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East," and the Ballards, who started the "I Am" movement, also called "The Saint Germain Foundation," were among the many who gave presentations at this lecture-hall.

One person who was asked to speak at the Rainbow Auditorium was a young Bengali student named Mahanam, who gave a talk on the Bengali avatar Jagadbandhu of Faridpur, East Bengal. This was the first time she ever heard the name, "Jagadbandhu," which means, "Friend of the World." Around the turn of the century, the avatar was living alone in a small room in his ashram, which he never left. His disciples would pass his food to him through a screen, and he would sometimes on rare occasions talk to people through the screen. However, people in many parts of India would see him, and from time to time he was seen abroad as well. He could apparently appear at will whenever, wherever, while his physical body was alone in his room at Faridpur. Even after his death in 1921, he was sometimes seen in her meditation room at the Rainbow auditorium, and one person who saw him there, Henry Fuller, said that he seemed entirely physical, not at all like an apparition or a vision. Henry said he smiled at him. Mother Mary was in telepathic contact with Jagadbandhu after his death, and she said that in 1944 he appeared to her and told her, with his usual sense of humor, that, "You must come to India. I will bother you every day until you do." In 1951, she did visit India, and spent weeks with Jagadbandhu's disciples in Calcutta and Faridpur. Henry Fuller published and re-published several books about Jagadbandhu, and maintained contact with disciples of the Jagadbandhu ashram until his death in 1997. Jagadbandhu was somewhat infamous in India for having made the statement "Initiation by a guru in the modern world is superfluous." When Mother Mary made statements about "the saints are the Light of the World," Jagadbandhu was one of the ones she had in mind.

In 1938 Mother Mary, as she was now known, became involved in "The Order of Directive Biblical Philosophy," which was founded by Lillian Bense. Mrs. Bense was in contact with the adept Phylos the Tibetan, who in the 1880’s had dictated the book "Dweller on Two Planets" to Frederick Oliver in Yreka, California. The story of how Mrs. Bense met Phylos, and then was directed to meet the mother of Fred Oliver, Mary Oliver, is told in "Atlantis Speaks Again." Mrs. Bense was also active in the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the only known photograph of her is from the February, 1901 edition of an Omaha magazine called "Woman’s Weekly." Many of the source materials of "Atlantis Speaks Again" are from the study group known as "The Order of Directive Biblical Philosophy," which Mother Mary referred to as "Phylos, the inner group." Under the direction of Phylos this group developed a system of numerology, derived from ancient Atlantean numerology, which is base-12 in origin, with direct correspondences to astrology. The successor to Mrs. Bense as leader of this group was Maude Falconer, who was a piano teacher. Maude Falconer wrote many materials about "Spiritual Keynotes" which can also be found in "Atlantis Speaks Again." In 1941 most of the materials of the group were turned over to Mother Mary, with the rest willed to her upon Mrs. Falconer’s death.

During the 1940's the Maiers moved for a time to Ojai, and she started "The Creative Hobby Clubs," a small chain of clubs to encourage handicrafts. She was very proud of this endeavor, and considered it part of her spiritual work to encourage people to make handicrafts and to sell their products. She considered hobbies to be a kind of meditation which would help an individual align with his or her own soul. Many people involved in the Creative Hobby Clubs were of a spiritual bent, and they held many meetings on various spiritual subjects as well. About ten years later the clubs evolved into "The Esoteric Hobby Clubs" but she soon dropped that name and the same activities became known as "The Eastern Research Society."

In 1950 Mother Mary began preparations for her first trip to India. She received a phone call from a member of the Hobby Clubs, Dr. George Ferguson, telling her of a dream he had in which Jagadbandhu appeared to him, and invited her to visit him. She gladly accepted the invitation. On the first night she slept at his home, she awakened in the middle of the night to see the Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan standing over her. Inayat Khan had left the body some time before. Inayat Khan told her of her upcoming trip, and told her that she would be transformed by Jagadbandhu in India. He also told her that she would make contact with the ancient Sufis, who have been with humanity through all the ages since the very beginning, and who embody the ways of God. Several weeks later, while sitting in the passport office in Los Angeles waiting for her visa appointment, she met Paramahansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi," who was accompanied by Daniel Boone and other disciples. Yogananda and Mother Mary took a glance at each other, and immediately recognized one another. Yogananda told her that he was going to leave the body soon, and told her further that he had eight disciples who would need help after he died. He asked her if she would take them as her own disciples. She explained to him that she did not take disciples. He told her that these eight needed her, and implored her to help them. He said that he had the knowledge to guide them to her after his death. She told him, "I will not take them as disciples, but I will walk with them." He delighted in this answer, and it was so. Daniel Boone and his brother-in-law Norm Paulsen were two of the eight.

It is said by his disciples that Yogananda took birth on earth after the Master Jesus came to Babaji, a Himalayan ascetic, and guru of Yogananda's line, and told him, "My followers in the West have forgotten how to meditate. Will you help me re-establish this knowledge in the Western world?" Yogananda then took incarnation to do this very work, the re-awaking of the knowledge of meditation in the West. When Mother Mary spoke of "the Light of the World," she had Babaji and his line of Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteshwar, and Paramahansa Yogananda in mind as well.

When she reached India she spent some weeks in Calcutta and afterwards visited the Jagadbandhu ashram in Faridpur, in what was then East Pakistan. Jagadbandhu appeared to her at this ashram, and told her of a forest glen in the Himalayas which she would eventually find. After returning to Calcutta, she went to Rishikesh and stayed at the ashram of Swami Shivananda, the Divine Life Society at Laxmanjula, across the Ganges from Swarg Ashram. At this time, she was given a meditation technique by which she could reach nirvikalpa samadhi, the highest state of yogic meditation, described by Mother Mary herself as, "the union of Soul and Spirit." She kept in touch with Sivananda's ashram, and Swami Satchidananda later came to visit her several times in Mt. Shasta, including the last time a week before she died.

After leaving Rishikesh, she went to the Tibet border along the same road Lowell Thomas had taken before her. At the Tibetan border, she had difficulty getting her visa to enter Tibet, and took a room in the Government Rest House. In this room, she practiced for 14 days, from December 24, 1950 to January 6, 1951, the technique given to her in Sivananda's ashram. Her body turned black - as if she had died. Her guide, Benu Ghosh, stood over her on the 7th day, and called her back into her body, saying, "Come back. Come back. You must come back, your work is not finished." She did return to her body, and it took some time to recover. Her visa came through after this, because no one in the visa office wanted to deny a visa to a "Great Yogini" as they now called her. She was taken into Tibet to a city of saints and yogis, and lectured them on "Service to Humanity." She said few understood her.

After leaving the sacred city, she found the glen in the Himalayas which Jagadbandhu had told her about in Faridpur. In this glen, she was blessed with the powers, or siddhis, which all the Great Ones manifest. In this state of Divine Empowerment, she danced. She said, "The trees danced with me. Especially a little pine tree, who danced very fast. He wanted me to see him." Jagadbandhu spoke to her at this moment and said, "This is the power that created the universe. It must never be misused." From this place she walked barefoot to Lhasa and met the Dalai Lama, who was then a boy. The journey through Tibet took three and a half months, and she later said this was the most important time of her life.

Several years after her return to America she journeyed to Mexico and this trip was the beginning of a chain of events which resulted in the publishing of the books, , "The Great White Chief." and "Atlantis Speaks Again." The first book was not written by her, but by an adventurer who traveled in Latin America looking for lost cities and Inca gold. He wound up with a tribe of Indians in southern Mexico, in the area near Mitla, who have an unbroken spiritual tradition going back thousands of years, and who have a tradition that Jesus visited them centuries ago, before the Spanish, much as the Mormons believe. Both agriculture and writing developed in the New World at about the same time they developed in the Near East, in this very area. The book was printed as a favor to the Great White Chief of this tribe, who Mother Mary visited in Mexico. When she returned from Mitla, she knew nothing about the craft of bookbinding, and took classes to enable her to typeset, print, and bind the book herself with her own hands, in Henry Fuller's printshop. That's why both books are so full of misprints. In Mexico the Great White Chief had spoken with Mother Mary of the disciples Jesus took in the New World, one from the White Indians, one from the Hopi, one from a tribe in Wyoming, and nine others from different tribes. She said that the Great White Chief was 123 years old when she saw him, and that he was the 32nd leader in the tribe's history. It is of interest to note that both agriculture and writing developed in the New World at about the same time they developed in the Near East, in this very area of southern Mexico.

While she was producing the last few copies of the book, she met a Native American at a movie theater in Los Angeles and gave him 7 copies of the book. Henry Fuller wanted to give her a break from the 16 hour days she was working to produce the book, and took her to a movie about Native Americans which he had seen advertised in the paper. At the end of the movie, there was a scene with a Native American medicine man who both Mother Mary and Henry immediately recognized as a man of true knowledge. When the movie was finished, they said to each other, we have to find this man. When they left their seats, to their amazement this very medicine man was sitting in the lobby of the theater. She struck up a conversation with him and found that he had been touring with the movie, but this would be his last day. He told her that his spirit guide had told him to sit and wait in the lobby. He'd been there all day. As she talked with him for a few minutes, he told her he was going to a gathering of the tribes in Canada the next day. She told him the story of how she had been to see the Great White Chief, and published the book for him, and that he had specifically asked that copies be given to the council members of the Six Nations. The medicine man told her that these were the very people he was going to see in Canada so she asked him to take six copies of it with him to give to those who should have it, and keep one more for himself. He was very happy to do this. She apologized to him about all the misprints and told him how she had typeset it herself, and that despite her best efforts, the typos kept appearing. He said to her, "Don't worry about the misprints. That's how we get our directions."

Having learned every step in the production of a book, she several years later put her skills to use to publish "Atlantis Speaks Again." This book is based primarily on materials from the group of Mrs. Bense given to her by Maude Falconer in 1941 and presents the provenance of those teachings. Mother Mary hoped that those who study this book would find help on their own path, and she used her spiritual abilities to charge each copy with a spiritual energy. She also intended to correct certain errors which crept into the original edition of "Dweller on Two Planets" and to present the rudiments of the numerological system used by The Order of Directive Biblical Philosophy. In the late 1950's after the death of her husband, she bought the property in Mt. Shasta called "The Inn," and moved permanently to Mt. Shasta. During the years she visited Mac Olberman and Mt. Shasta while she lived in Los Angeles, she had often stayed in this very hotel, and she said that she had her first inner contact with the adepts of the mountain while staying in Room 16 of the hotel in 1930. When Lady Mae moved permanently to Mt. Shasta City, also living there at that time was Nola Van Valer, who on March 21, 1922 had met the Master Jesus as recounted in her book, "The Tramp at My Door." Jesus in this meeting promised to send her and her husband Jerry to "A Master Teacher," and that later turned out to be Phylos. Nola along with her husband and others were taught directly in the physical body by Phylos during the 30's for 10 years and were taken physically inside the Temple at Mt. Shasta on June 17, 1930. Nola and Mother Mary often worked in co-operation with each other, though they sometimes had their differences as well.

In 1962, Maxine McMullen and Mother Mary called for a gathering of seekers and servers to be held at Mt. Shasta in the first week of July. They sent out invitations to everyone who they thought might be interested in coming and many people did heed this call, including Nola and many of the students of her group. It resulted in a truly remarkable and unique meeting at Sand Flat on July 5th and the following days, during which one of the adepts of the mountain emerged from the retreat inside dressed in his spiritual robes, and mixed with the group. There was also another adept incognito in the group. The existence of the Spiritual Brotherhood inside Mt. Shasta was first revealed to the general public by Fred Oliver in the Nineteenth Century, and since that time so many have sought to contact it. Those people who answered the call to seekers and servers were very fortunate among all those who both Lady Mae and Nola had sought to help on the path during many years of service, as they had their confirmation of the existence of this Brotherhood at Sand Flat. This was a moment of great significance.

Mother Mary took a second trip to India in 1966. She stayed for a while with people of the Jagadbandhu ashram in Calcutta, attended the Kumba Mela in Allahabad, visited the Dalai Lama who was now living in exile in Dharmasala, and again visited the ashram of Sivananda in Rishikesh. She became ill in India, and never fully recovered. After returning to the U.S. she regularly took healing treatments from Joe Jessel in Ashland, Oregon, and these probably prolonged her life. Numerous people helped her run "The Inn," giving of their time and lives to further the spiritual work. Some of these were Daniel Boone, Jack Darrow, Jan Darrow, Clark Coffee, Helen Ruth, Al Jennings, Henry Fuller, Linden Carlton, Robert Williamson, Elaine Bragg, and Maxine McMullen, later the owner of "The Golden Mean" bookstore in Ashland, Oregon. Lady Mae died on January 4, 1970 at "The Inn."

to send her and her husband to "A Master Teacher," and that turned out to be Phylos. Nola along with her husband and others were taught directly during the 30's by Phylos for 10 years and taken physically inside the Temple at Mt. Shasta on June 17, 1930. Nola and Mother Mary often worked in co-operation with each other, though they sometimes had their differences as well.

Mother Mary took a second trip to India in 1966. She became ill in India, and never fully recovered. She regularly took spiritual healing treatments from Joe Jessel in Ashland, Oregon during this time, and these probably prolonged her life. Numerous people helped her run "The Inn," giving of their time and lives to further the spiritual work. Some of these were Daniel Boone, Jack Darrow, Jan Darrow, Clark Coffee, Helen Ruth, Al Jennings, Henry Fuller, Linden Carlton, Robert Williamson, Elaine Bragg, and Maxine McMullen, later the owner of "The Golden Mean" bookstore in Ashland, Oregon. Lady Mae died on January 4, 1970 at "The Inn."


Good is never lost.

There is no great or small.

Sincerity will bring you through, even if you make many mistakes.

Pay attention to your daydreams, you might get ideas that way.

Service should be for all, not just for my group or your group.

Reincarnation is not a belief, but a law of nature.

The Saints and true Sadhus are the light of the world.

Control the mind by counting. Have compassion for all, and treat all with equanimity.

You are self-responsible for your life.

You cannot walk the path for someone else - a guru who tries to do this interferes with his disciple's evolution.

Love will take you places nothing else can.

Each nation has karma, and every nation will sometime suffer from its karma.

The higher consciousness of the New Age will first emerge in children.

Women will have a special place in the New Age.

Every human being has both male and female characteristics within them, and these qualities may be in perfect balance.

The woman holds the energy - the man gives it direction.

Joy moves us forward. There are seven kinds of people, the seven-rayed race. Speech has great power.

Be kind in word and deed. Curiosity isn't enough.

Live what you know, and you will find more.

Your conscience will tell you what to do.

Pray for the welfare of those who abuse you, but have a sense of justice.



Every evil serves to bind us to matter so much the longer.

Death is only a laying aside of the gross materiality, but gross mentality endures for aeons.

Thought, when directed aright, results in works, and there the Ego can take a step to advance.

It is mercy to exact the utmost tithe of expiation, in order that the sin may not be repeated.

Verily what evil we do here shall follow us as our Nemesis through many weary ages.


All organized thoughts are actions and tend to build up a material counterpart of themselves.

To the Soul there is no hindrance in communion of Soul to Soul exercised by space.

The thoughts of one may be transmitted to another, provided a sympathy has been set up between them.

If a soul be high and pure, its psychic vibrations are higher, and its effects are seconded by all on its plane. High souls work in unison, and spatial distance is no bar. If one is in trouble, its call for help is heard.

The first great Law is Order. The next is Harmony, while together the two are subservient to the great Nature which is good in all.

A thought is a creation. It is more; it is a power more or less potent for good or evil.

Every thought has a definite shape, and is quite as material a body or substance as a bar of iron.

A thought affects not only man, but lower animals, and it is as much murder to kill a lower animal as to take a man's life.

A malignant thought can as truly wither the life of being as a knife, the only difference being that we cannot see the effect, not possessing that power.

It behooves us well to think no evil and then we shall not knowingly do any.

The Law tells us that Force travels in curves which return to themselves. Nothing is lost or wasted.


All vegetable life is of an opposite polarity to all animal life. During the day animals are positive, giving out that force, but receiving a negative flow. During the day plants are negative, parting with force of that polarity, and receiving positive magnetism discharged by the animal world.

"Being" is of the Ego purely, but Magnetism is one of the conditions of Being and Spirit, manifesting itself in an active state, as Life.

Life embraces all things material, is all things material.

Life has various degrees of force imparted by the Spirit, and according to these differing degrees is more or less solid.

Things material are counterparts of things Spiritual. As is the Spirit, so is the life.

The highest degree of magnetism is intelligent Life, equal to all other degrees; being equal, it comprehends them.

Magnetism is light. It is heat. It is Life which is both heat and light. It is power, but it is bound by conditions.

All things in the Universe which are not incarnations of the Ego, are Magnetism.

Magnetism ranges from the highest degree, where it is so active that no sense can perceive it, to the lowest condition of activity.

Magnetism manifests itself through vibration.

The highest vibratory Speed is beyond the region of light, and heat, far out in the region of cold, so intense as to be immeasurable.

A stone is a low form of Magnetism, or life, a tree a higher form, dominated by an Ego, and so on through out this life.

The positive currents flow to the negative pole. That is the highest. To produce heat from cold is to call into operation a law which makes the will master of nature.

Whenever hot things become cold, it is but in obedience to natural law which tends to keep things as they were created, i.e., in their natural order.

In nature nothing is ever lost. Magnetic unlikes attract, which is the law of Duality in operation.

The negative pole is equal to the positive pole. Neither exceeds the other. Therefore, everything is provided with a natural affinity.

A perfect union is in accordance with Law.

When the union is affected, action ceases.

Disease is a magnetic inharmony. When by our actions we disregard any law, we disregard Truth Order.

Insanity is not a trouble of the Spirit, but of the organ through which it manifests itself.

The worse the disease, the greater the magnetic inharmony.

We can conquer all disease, by rigid observance of Law, through the non-observance of which the disturbance arose.

In retributive Justice there is nothing unjust. The penalty is not inflicted by any but ourselves. Love is the holy feeling of life. It is what makes life. It is life. It is the bondage which binds Ego to Ego.

Love is nearest its Divine prototype when it embraces all life, from weakest insect to the highest but troubled man.

He who would perfectly see all there is in Magnetism would see the Universe in its whole.

Equal quantities of opposites attract each other. Equal quantities of "likes" repel, destroy.


The Ego is, in itself, equal to the whole of the universe.

The passive state of the free Ego is a union of all the conditions which it is possible to find in the Creation.

The free Ego has no condition but All conditions.

Material conditions bind the ego to matter, and temporarily render it finite.

All of the life that clings to the Ego is Magnetism. Life is hence finite.

When we cut loose from Magnetism, we are free from condition, and have no "life" but only the Being which is, was, and shall be. Magnetism, then, is condition. Condition is force. Force is material.


All Nature is based upon the Law of Units. The Unit of Color is Violet.

The Unit Of Sound occupies the same place to the Musical scale as Violet does to Color. Each Unit, of every class, is connected to the unit of Magnetism, which is the highest force in Nature.

The color of a plant is a sure indication as to its negative degree.


No job of evil ever dies of itself. It pursues us as a shadow.

Error is an active agent. Like a stone cast in a mirror-surfaced pond, it destroys the images reflected.

In every kind act or deed done we are atoning for sins committed here or long ago.

Every joy has its shadow and both joy and sorrow are something that you picture from Earth and in that State which is not Life.

Know that you Are. Trouble not whether you were, or will be, but be content with this "I Am." It is perfect.

Time is the law of the Creator, regulating the amount of energy to be devoted to any object whatever.


The most beautiful and the most wonderful thing there is in the whole world is the smile of a little child in its sweet innocence and play.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that place where all things are balanced, we must become as little children.

The only creed we need is the art of being kind. The only tenet should be our Accountability to God.

It is from the Spirit and through the Spirit that there is true motivation of action.

"Isms" are of the mentality, and are motivated by mentality, so are illusions of the mind, and they will pass away.

Seek for the Key that will open the door of the Citadel of Knowledge wherein you will find peace for your own soul.

We must learn that naught passes current but that which has a spiritual value.

We must learn how to transmute physical, material, and mental values into spiritual values.

Fail not to help a brother or sister, whatever the call may be, else there will be a lack that will give spiritual nudity when we reach the Beyond.

There is not a smile given, a kind deed done even to the least, but what is transmuted into spiritual coin for the giver and laid up for him when he reaches the Holy City.

We came from God, we are accountable to Him. We must go back to Him sometime, that is inevitable.

We must find the Way to reach the "Mountain Citadel" of our lives in order to understand just what He wants of us. The way to thew Citadel is straight up the mountain side, the path is steep and rugged, few there are that find it. The Mountain Citadel contains all wonderful knowledge, where you can find out just What you want to Know.

The "Measure of a Man" means the capacity of understanding, or perception the man may have of the Truth.

It is to differentiate between enthusiasm and spiritual energy, that we must bend our steps to-ward the Mountain Citadel.

We must know the laws of each part of our five-part being.

One of the greatest problems of life is to be conscious of life on the four planes of Being, while in the Physical life.

The Citadel of Life is a most beautiful building and only eyes of Spirit can behold its beauty.

There is no need of light in that Citadel for it is Light, it is you, your spirit.

The Citadel of Life is four square. It is where the Ego must live, move, and have being, clothed with Spirituality of Thought.

You must, while in the flesh, differentiate between what is mental and what is physical, between what is mental and what is spiritual, and what is spiritual or what is Egoic or Celestial.

The Egoic dweller of the body, being of the Celestial Plane of Being, and a Ray from God the All Knowing, knows all.

The Egoic Being is motivated by and from the Spiritual Plane of Being and its work is to transmute from lower to higher planes.

All things are of Spirit Substance. That which is of matter is but a varying of the Specific Speed of Substance.

Motivation by the Spirit not only gives us spiritual power but gives us mental power and physical health.

You cannot thirst in the physical when in the Citadel of your life.


The time has come for the people to find the Short Cut road to the Mountain Citadel of their lives.

As you climb on the path to the Mountaintop you will find nothing but Truths that others have gleaned from communion with God.

Each time you stop to help another or show the Way it makes your own climbing easier.

All the time you are climbing, you are also building your Citadel with Spiritual material, and while still in the flesh.

Only upon the Mountaintop and in the real Citadel can we drink of the Water of Life or know how to sing the New Song.

We must return to purity of heart in order to reach the Mountain Citadel of our lives.

The Father of All rules and we must accept His plans, His worlds, His Universe, and His Infiniverse.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Celestial Plane of Life and Being. This is where the children belong.