Sri Jeff Whittier

Most of the materials for this web site were donated to the devotees of Sree Sree Prabhu Jagadbandhu by Mr. Jeff Whittier of Palo Alto, California, who has an extensive archive of material from Mother Mary Mae Maier and who is currently writing a book based on this archive titled "Good Is Never Lost." The pictures of Mary Mae Maier and Jagadbandhu, the book titled ‘Shri Shri Haripurush Jagadbandhu’, written by U.C. Chakraborti and published by Henry E. Fuller, as also the book titled ‘Life and Teachings of Jagadbandhu’ written by Navadwip Chandra Ghosh and published by Mr. Henry E. Fuller, are further gracious donations of Mr. Whittier for the devotees of Jagadbandhu. The browsers of this web site will find that this web site is comprised primarily of these resources.

Furthermore, the first two web pages (links) on the two addresses of Mother Mary Mae Maier in India and the Introductory Biography about her, are fully written by him as I have acknowledged in the appropriate sections.

Mr. Whittier, Henry Fuller and Mary Mae Maier were close friends. Mr. U.C. Chakraborti as named above was also known to Mr. Whittier. In fact, Mr. Whittier is seemingly the only person at this time to be a direct friend and spiritual associate of late Mother Mary Mae Maier and Mr. Henry Fuller.

Mr. Whittier holds a very wide range of interests and activities. He a recognized and accomplished bansuri player (a flautist), teacher and at the time maker of bansuri (Indian bamboo flutes, Lord Krishna’s favorite pastime accompaniment), for the past 30+ years. He has also been blessed by the Lord Jagadbandhu by virtue of his friendship and association with Mary Mae Maier and Henry Fuller, who had been directly in spiritual contacts with the Lord, and in time, Mr. Whittier also have had spiritual contacts with the Lord on his own.

Mr. Whittier has written a biography of Mother Mary Mae Maier in which he had an in-depth reference of Lord Jagadbandhu as an ardent devotee of and she had been in spiritual contact with the Lord in India and USA. More reference on this work of biography by Mr. Whittier may be obtained from the book titled

"Good is never lost".

At this era of Worldwide Web (WWW) revolution and easy access to the Internet and with the availability of search engines like ‘Google’ or ‘Alltheweb (First Search)’, or ‘AltaVista’, etc. the browser of this web site may find that Mr. Whittier is widely indexed on the web, enough to find out the diversity of Mr. Whittier’s range of recognition and contribution as a flautist, teacher and maker (manufacturer) of ‘bansuri’ (bamboo flutes) worldwide including USA of course.

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