Picture of Henry E. Fuller
The Publisher of U.C. Chakraborti's book titled
"Shri Shri Hari Purush Jagadbandhu"
and a close friend of Mother Mary Mae Maier.
He passed away in 1997.

The original photograph is graciously provided by:
Sri Jeff Whittier of Palo Alto, California

Henry Fuller was specially devoted to Jagadbandhu, and spent much time spreading the word about him in the US. He gave away hundreds of the book titled "Shri Shri Hari Purush Jagadbandhu," written by U.C. Chakraborti, which Henry Fuller published from his own Press. The colored pictures of Mother Mary Mae Maier and Prabhu Jagadbandhu that are posted in this web site were also printed by him in his print shop.