An Excerpt about Mother Mary May Maier
from the Book Titled "Mount Shasta: California's Mystic Mountain,"
written by Emilie A. Frank

We very gratefully aknowledge the kind consent given to us by Mrs. Jennifer Middleton, the daughter-publisher of Late Mrs. Emilie A. Frank, the Author of the Book Titled as indicated above (and also below):

[Extracted exactly as it is from the book "Mount Shasta: California’s Mystic Mountain", by Emilie A. Frank through PhotograFix Publishing Services, Hilt, California. Copyright © 1998 by Jennifer Middleton, Paula Vicari, and David Vicari. Pages 150-151.]

This book would not be complete without the story of Mother Mary Maier who lived and died somewhat mysteriously.
In 1971 a headline in the weekly Mount Shasta Herald read: "Soul Fails to Return to Body in Trance."
In most small towns what had happened would have been an astonishing event, but in Mount Shasta it was just another in a long series of strange events.
Mother Mary Maier, 75-year-old and well known in the community as the proprietor of a downtown hotel known as "The Inn" had died. Nothing unusual about that, except the death of Mother Mary, who had worn flowing orange robes and sandals and was known as "Angel of the West – Guardian of the Mountain" was kept secret for a month by members of the Sree Sree Prsvo sect.
During that month, a 16-year-old boy and two other men stood around-the-clock guard beside her body, waiting for her soul to return.
After a full month had passed and her soul failed to return, the body was removed from the hotel to a mortuary and the inn was closed.
Who was Mother Mary Maier?
After the passage of almost two decades, no one seems to remember except that she was heavily involved with the Hindu Sree Sree Pravo group. I have in my possession a proclamation from them welcoming her to India in 1966. It reads:
"To Mother May Mae Maier, our esteemed Mother, by the call of our almighty Father Lord ‘Sree Sree Jagadbandhu Sundara,’ the saviour and friend of the world, you have come again to our country after 15 long years to embrace us with your best and eternal love. You have also brought with you the message from your sweet land – the glorious land of Abraham Lincoln and the religious concern of World Fellowship.
"We are glad to receive you amidst us in our land, the land of Lord ‘Sri Krishna’ and the land of ‘Sree Gouranga’. The Lila Bhumi of ‘Sree Sree Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar,’ the Lila Combination of All Things, the symbol of truth, love and purity.
"We show deep regard to you, Mrs. Mary Mae Maier, the true Bhakta of our Lord.You, the holy and ideal devotee of the Lord, by your charming behaviour and motherly affection, won the hearts of Bandhu Bhaktas of the East – so you are called by all ‘Mother’ and known to us as ‘Mother Mary.’ Our dearest Mother is anxiously waiting for Prabhu’s Supreme Manifestation.
"We are sure that our Mother will be in the main role in Bandhu Sunhara’s Maha Udhdharan Lila. You are the Angel of the West. We sincerely say that we, the Bandhu Bhaktas of the East, will ever adorn you with garlands of our love and affection. Our doors will always remain open to you.
"We heartily believe that we are all sons and daughters of Sree Sree Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundara and this world is our common home. We and ye are all members of the same family."
The proclamation was dated February 6, 1966, and signed with affection by members of the Sree Sree Pravoo Jagadbandhu Mahanam Pracharan Samity and Bandhu Bhakatas. It was published by the Anaadamayee Press, Calcutta, India.
Mother Mary Mae Maier, Angel of the West and Guardian of the Mountain, passed from this earthly realm in the shadow of Mt. Shasta – never to return – in 1971 at the age of 75.

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