The contents of
the two addresses she made to the Jagadbandhu devotees of Calcutta ---

[Written by: Jeff Whittier of Palo Alto, California]


My Sons and Daughters of the World,

Please hear me: now to you here, my sons and daughters, I give my blessings. I have come from America on a very holy mission. And I was ordered by the Creator to visit India in this Holy Mission. The whole human family is sick and decaying. There is still time when we can and should do something. A most important thing to be done is to secure a large tract of land permanently on which to gather the holy saints, the true sadhus and the holy mothers.

For the saints do have wisdom and expect nothing in return for themselves. Having these saints on a permanent ground isn't for their benefit, but for the sake of all of us. It is necessary for all of them to be one permanent ground in order for their powers to build and grow. This is our only hope.

Peace organizations time and again have come together, but nothing has been done for all the human races. Organizations have failed.

What is the cause of war? Each nation has karma and none escapes suffering from its karma. History repeats itself over and over. Has anything been gained by war for any nation? Perhaps for a time, if a national leader gets his way for good but shortly after he dies the human family falls back into its selfish way of living again.

The ancient writings and manuscripts tell us out of the East comes the light. Who has this light? The saints have it.

A man like Mahatma Gandhi, who brought freedom to India, will be hailed more in the future because all nations will taste of the bitter cup of suffering. What power of good has been done by a single man such as Gandhi! Picture in your minds what the power can be when the saints are gathered in one place. Even as we step on that ground, our minds must change.

Predictions have been made that 1966 and 1967 will be trying times. I will stay here in India and help gather the holy saints, the true sadhus and the holy mothers. The mothers will hold this place to keep sons and daughters like a happy, holy family, so the saints can give of their knowledge and teach an understanding of wisdom.

My heart is aching, my soul cries out for all life. The cause of history repeating itself is the separation of race, caste and religion. Each one feels they are right. Then the power that money gives in the material world is the downfall of all races, castes and religions, and takes the place of fear of these powers that money gives.

Religion has also come together, but nothing is being done for all. Men and women, as it is today, will not make things better for all living life. There is always some personal motive somewhere in the plan.

I say again, the holy saints are the only hope. They are builders of light. They must be gathered together.

Let us not just talk about doing, but let us be doers. Each one can do something no matter how small it may be. It adds to the chain reaction of good. Your conscience will tell you just what you can do. For in the real, there is no great and no small. Nothing good is ever lost. Let us from this moment start doing what is needful. And do not come just to visit, but have something you really want to do.

Benu Ghosh has given land to start the gathering. He took me to see the land this afternoon. There are some friends coming from America by the name of Henry Fuller and his wife, and also Al Jennings. Henry Fuller is bring me a house trailer to live in, and a truck for travelling. Benu Ghosh is putting a tent on the land, so it will be started. Now, in the meantime, I can be contacted at Benu Ghosh's house of Hindustan Park, Calcutta - 29. And again, I ask that you do not just come to visit, as it will take too much strength, and I wish to use my energy for the gathering of the saints. My blessing to all.

The contents of a second address given in India follows

My sons and daughters, I give you my blessing. My mission is a very holy one coming from America. There are a few saints and mothers left. Some sadhus are real and are trying to live their life the best way they can. These few can save the good that is left. They would not sell what they have become for any nation, caste, race or religion. We need to save the wisdom of the saints, true sadhus and mothers. Religion as it is becoming is enslaving the true seekers of the spiritual life

What have the young to look forward to? As it is, their minds are turning to the reverse. Look at the youth all over the world. Some young leader gets an idea, and if he is strong in mind, he can lead whoever is around him and the rest follow like a belled goat. I have seen in India the same as in America, only America is so materially minded she is asleep spiritually.

Untrue mothers and sadhus, thinking of prestige, power and rupees, are influenced by politicians for what they can give. So those sadhus use this for their own gain. Even holy days are sick and decaying. There is still time to secure a large tract of ground permanently for the holy ones, so all can come together to build their wisdom. Each is different in his own way. Alone they do not have the strength to heal the world, but together interlacing their wisdom like a rainbow gives strength and power to them, which the world is sadly in need of at this time. When they are together apart from the world yet in the world they can save what good is left.

Rishis, the wise in the Himalayan Mountains, voiced the time would come when they must come down and bring their disciples with them. Krishna spoke of it, Gauranga spoke of it, and Jagadbandhu spoke of the third lila combination of all things. I have said this for many years. When I was here in 1950 and 1951 Benu Ghosh took me to the Holy City of Uttakash. I said the Holy Ones should come out in the world now and then to get used to the world's vibrations and keep going back and forth, as it is very hard for the pure to stay in the world very long. I have had a taste of this when I would go into seclusion. This has an effect on spiritual thought and body. True ones do not have a place in the world. That is the reason they go into jungles and mountains. But the time is here when they must come into the world or nothing will be left.

There are trying and dark days coming. 1966 and 1967 is the beginning and from then on. All nations have karma, and none can escape karma. History repeats itself over and over, and this time with men and women in their conceit of power that money gives them. But when the law of nature gets angry, then how great are they? The wise do not interfere with the world's way of living. They let experience take its course, so worldly people also suffer karma. This takes time for growth and is the reason why saints as a rule go away. They must also learn that the time is near when they must serve because of their disciples in other lives. They must come into the world to help them because of their connection in other lives. They cannot escape the responsibility of having disciples. There must be love and tolerance for all the human family found regardless of nation, race, caste or religion.

Why have you been created? Different in race, yes, but you breathe the same air, you live in the same world. Now think this over! There is no man or woman of today who can solve the problems of the world. If a superior person came and could heals the ills of the world, would the human family as a whole accept him?

Tolerance and patience are lacking. Animal nature in humans seems to kill for defense and fear. So does the wild animal kill for fear, defense, and food. The wild animal in nature has the smell of a human person when he is near him and when he is in danger. Only in this bitter cup of life does one awaken and think of experiences and teachings. Now at my age - 71 - I am not in India for foolishness, this is very serious.

India is a very ancient nation. She is the starting point of the spiritual light of the world. The ancient manuscript writing speaks, "Out of the East comes the Light." The saints are IT. Now I wish to say, curiosity seekers have no place with me. There is no time and I should not give my strength. Also, personal lives of people should not come to me for blessing. My mission is to bring the saints, the true sadhus and Mothers together. When the time comes that these Holy Ones are on the ground, those that need blessing and do walk on the ground will have it. Because there is still time, but short, if you know of a true sadhu and want to serve, bring them to me, or make arrangements so I can go to them. I have a house-trailer and a truck to pull it. I will live in this trailer and go to streets and mountains. This would help and give you blessings in service.

Now this is my own feeling - the good and bad leaders of the material world are back in bodies, a battle of good and evil and having its effect on the world. Also, the real ones want to finish their part in this world and do not want to come back in physical bodies any more.

I will not take invitations to speak, only if it is of a spiritual nature, and I must know the reason I am asked and what is going to take place. I have had two experiences which were not good. The first was being asked by a guru questions he had no right to ask. Being a guru, he should have known better. The second was a large public gathering. Why did they ask me to come and who was responsible? They did not even have the common courtesy to introduce me. People wondered why I was there and who I was. I want to investigate before I leave India who was responsible for such an action. This is the reason for not taking invitations unless I know it is for a spiritual purpose. I do demand respect and should have an apology for this action. I will not visit personal homes unless it is for a specific reason. This I must do because of the real, and time is short. I want all to know that in this entire life I do not take disciples, and don't expect to take disciples now, because I remember in other lives of not taking them, so I am not in this life. I have come to be with the Holy Ones, and not serve for a few, but for all.