Time Lines of the Life and Lila of Prabhu Jagadbandhu

  1. April 28, 1871 (17 Baisakh, 1278 B.E.) - Birth at Dahapara, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India
  2. September 17, 1921 (Ashwin 1, 1328 B.E.) - Entered in Trayodash Dasha - First day
  3. September 21, 1921 (Ashwin 5, 1328 B.E.) - Trayodash Dasha continued to fifth day - Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das and his wife Basanti Devi visited Faridpur Sri-Angan and had the 'DARSHAN' of Prabhu Jagadbandhu in his Trayodash Dasha.
  4. September 28, 1921 (Ashwin 12, 1328 B.E.) - Prabhu's body was put into a wooden casket amidst 'Kirtan-Yagna' that had been continuing on in Faridpur Sri-Angan till today without cessation.


1871-1877 (1278-1284 B.E.)

- Dahapara, Murshidabad till Prabhu was 1 1/2 years until his mother Bamadevi passed away

- Govindapur village home now in Bangladesh (Hate-khari - beginning of formal childhood education) at 2 1/2 years

- At Jnandia 3 years (up to about age 6)

1878 - 1896 (End of Magh 1285 - to Ashwin 1293 B.E.)

- Brahmankanda - Prabhu was 7 years old and performed the "sradh" ceremony for his expired father Nyayaratna

1885 (1292 B.E.) - appeared at the Annual Examination for promotion to class VIII - called 'Third Class'

- was expelled from the History exam on the charge of copying answers from fellow student by Head Master Bhuban Sen

January 1886 (Magh 1292 B.E.) - was admitted to the Third Class - ClassVIII at Ranchi High School in Ranchi

September 1886 (Ashwin 1293 B.E.) - Prabhu was sent back to Brahmankanda from Ranchi after having Arsenic poison in his food prepared by the house cook.


1886-1901 (1293-1308 B.E.)

1886 (Kartik 1293 B.E.) - Pabna Zilla School - two attempts on his life in Pabna

1888 (Ashwin 1295 B.E.) - returned to Brahmankanda via Calcutta - Took the picture in his 'Padmasan' posture on Bowbazar Street, Calcutta, accompanied by his boyhood friend Bakulal Biswas, when he was 17 years and 7 months of age.

1888 (Kartik 1295 B.E.) - Prabhu was a student of First Class (Class X) in Ranchi - he had quit studies before the Final Examination after completing the Test Examination remarkably well.

1890- 1898 (1297-1305 B.E.) - spent in Vrindaban, Brahmankanda, Bakchar, Pabna, Nabadwip, Calcutta (Rambagan and other places), Dhaka and Narayanganj.

1898-1901 (1305 -1308 B.E.) - Goalchamat Sri-Angan, Faridpur.

1899 (23rd Jaisthya 1306) - Prabhu took his seat in the Angina with grand 'Nama Kirtan'.

1900 (1307 B.E.) - Came to Rambagan, Calcutta.

Post Youth

1902 - 1918 (Ashar 1309- Magh 1325 B.E.) - Prabhu Kept himself closeted in the hut at Sri-Angan, Goalchamat.

1907 (Baisakh 1314 B.E.) - First celebration of birth anniversary of Prabhu Jagadbandhu at Goalchamat Sri-Angan.

1913 (Magh 13, 1320 B.E.) - After 12 years of self-confinement at Gambhira, Prabhu first appeared to give 'DARSHAN' to Bhaktas (devotees) and continued to do so for the next two days.

End of Seclusion by self-confinement and the Final Stage

1918 (1325 B.E.) - Prabhu's right side of the body was paralyzed (during his self-confinement); he also made the Vrigu sign disappear.

1921 (17 th Bhadra 1328 B.E.) - Prabhu fell down on the cemented stairs of the temple and fractured the right thigh bones.

September 17, 1921 (Ashwin 1, 1328) - Prabhu entered into 'Trayodash Dasha' - first day (the 'Dasha' or state he predefined earlier in his life).

A synopsis of Prabhu's Lila life

Prabhu Jagadbandhu's Lila may be divided into two parts:

In the first part he distributes Harinam in various ways up to the 31st year of his life.

In the second part, he mainly enjoys himself (Haripurusha) and imparts power to protect the earth from destruction. In this part he was in 'Gambhira' for about 17 years (16 years and 8 months) approaching to the state of full 'Tanmayatva' (engrossment in tasting the holy sweetness of Harinam). After confinement in Gambhira he came out and remained for three years with further manifestations of his Lilas before being succumbed to 'Great Death' (Maha Mrityu - the ultimate physical extinction of an avatar).

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