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According to Veda, Para Brahma is the root cause and underlying principal of this whole universe. This Para Brahma is nothing but the effulgent light of Shyamasundar or Krishna. In order to realize himself Para Brahma divides himself into two - the Being- for- self and the Being- for- Expression that is Krishna & Radha. When Radha- Krishna embraces each other in deep ecstasy; they are unified and become Gourango, the brilliant one, the great Lord – Maha Prabhu Sree Krishna Chaitanya. Gourango again separates His Being- for –Expression Nityananda, the eternal bliss from Himself. Ultimately they also become unified. The synthesis now reached is Haripurusha or Lord Jagat Bandhu Sundar.



[The reference source: is now non-existent altogether and does not exist as of December 24, 2014]