New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha
(Registered in the State of New York / EIN 11-344073)

82-22 266 Street
Floral Park, New York 11004

We are an authorized and registered branch of Mahanam Samprayday of India with headquarter at

Sri Sri Mahanam Angan
Raghunathpur, Calcutta - 700 059
Phone: 2500-6466


  • spread spiritual awareness among public.
  • propagate bhakti dhrama following the devotional path of Hindu Religion, as articulated and directed by Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaparbhu and Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhu.
  • Activities:

  • at present, we hold an open congregation to perform devotional services, namely Puja (worship), Kirtan (collective chanting), Path (reading, discourse and discussion of Hindu scriptures like Bhagabad Gita, Srimad Bhagabatam, etc.) under the directives of His Holiness Late Acharya Bhagabat Gangotri Srimad Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari.
  • we distribute spiritual literature.
  • We invite you to join our congregation. Please contact:



    Sub-committee type

    Responsibilities/ Guidelines



    Program/Utsav and Publicity



    • Schedule Utsav/IshtaGusthi /members meeting, … etc.
    • Setting up program/Utsav
    • Conduct program/Utsav
    • Maintain/Enhance Website (& Utsav posting, reporting)


    • Syamal R. Banik (In-charge)
    • Antu Ghosh-Ray (Backup / Asstt.)
    • Prabhu B. Das (Web-Expert)
    • Ruma Ghosh (Member / help)
    • Supriti Banik (Member / help)
    • Schedule Utsav/meetings … well in advance (pref. 2 months)
    • Utsav 5 times a year
    • SriGuru Tirodhan Utsav (Oct., 2000)

    Grantha Prachaar




    • Arrange selling/distributing books, cassettes (Contact different organizations for free stall etc.)
    • Procure Books, Cassettes etc. from India/Calcutta… (Contact people going to India for procuring Books, cassettes, … etc.)
    • Rama P. Ghosh Ray (In-charge)
    • Syamal R. Banik (Backup /Asstt.)
    • Swapan Roy (Member / help)
    • Parikshit Mazumdar (Member / help)
    • Plan well in advance (specially arranging free Stall)
    • Each Family should Sell books at least once a year
    • Each time a family makes a trip to India should bring at least one FULL baggage packet.





    • Collect contributions
    • Distribute funds after the approval of the Governing body of NYMSS
    • Maintain records properly (Internal Book-keeping, bank account … etc.)
    • Rana Ghosh
    • Llony Mazumdar (Backup /Asstt.)
    • Rama P. Ghosh Ray (Internal Audit / help)
    • All financial transactions must be signed and documented properly
    • Upgrade Bank a/c Immediately to be operated by at least two persons (and not one)





    • Contact & correspondences with US Govt. and other organisations (IRS, ….. etc.)
    • Contact & correspondences with India (Mahanam Angan, Mahanam Sevak Sangha, ….. etc.)
    • Help other sub-committees (like: arranging free stall for book selling, providing info. for our Website … etc.)
    • Parikshit Mazumdar
    • Tuhina (Mumu) Ghosh-Ray (Backup /Asstt.)
    • Ruma Ghosh (Member / help)
    • Filing taxes in time
    • Tax-exempt status for NYMSS
    • Collect various news, pictures, info., ideas from Calcutta/India (Mahanam Angan and others …) and provide those to enrich our Website.
    Attention: Please e-mail any suggestions/comments to: