A Monologue

Oh Lord! Thou remain before me
Remain in front of my life;
You go ahead, leaving footprint,
I follow the impression of thine imprint.

When sense-greed raises head,
Reasons fail,
When rhythm of life breaks,
Mind becomes restive,
Pray to see you in every step
In front of me.
Oh Lord! Thou remain before me.

When din and bustle blocks my hearing,
Ignorance makes me blind,
Selfish desire puts barrier,
Makes my judgement confined,
May Thy 'saviour' name
Awaken in my heart.

Oh Lord! Thou remain in my front,
When my praise in others' tongue
Makes me overwhelmed,
When blame-insult-ignominy
Makes my heart perturbed,
(The feeling of)
How far away I am from you
Should give me pain.
Oh Lord! In my front Thou remain!

When whirlwind of pride and conceit
Breaks life's mission,
When weeds fill up everything,
Thorns ruffle the body,
Unfold then the flower of mercy
In my life's garden,
Oh Lord! In my front Thou remain!

(Translated by Prof. Sukhendu Shekhar Dutta
from the hymn in Bengali composed by
Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari Maharaj,
while he had been in the U.S.A., 1933-39)