Bandhu Sevika Sangha
Founded by:
Late Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari
M.A. (Triple), Ph.D., D.Lit.
Regd. No. S/14219-73/74

Manaskamana Road, P.O. Jhaljhalia, Dist. Malda
West Bengal


Sri Gurudev (Founder)||Dr. Ujjwala Kundu (President)
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Late Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari registered Bandhu Sevika Sangha during 1973-74. At this time this was an organization for unmarried women only and located in Calcutta. From 1973 to 1980, the organization existed in a defunct state.

In 1981 the organization was relocated from Calcutta to old Malda. In 1983, Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari laid down the foundation stone of Bandhu Sevika Sangha and in 1984 the inauguaral ceremony of the newly built building took place under his presence and auspices. In 1986 Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari took part in the upening ceremony of the two-storied building and the temple of Bandhu Sevika Sangha. Again in May, 1991, Dr. Mahanambrataji himself initiated the ceremony to shrine the 'bigraha" (statue) of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar in the temple of Bandhu Sevika Sangha.

Mr. Sailen Sarkar, the West Bengal State Minister of City Development at the time, contributed to the sanction of the free land for Bandhu Sevika Sangha during 1981-82. The land was offered by the West Bengal Government as a recognition of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari's vision about the religious and social welfare of women.

The late social worker and Secretary of St. John Ambulance Association of West Bengal, Sri Dulalchandra Nath had provided his able leadership to operate Bandhu Sevika Sangha from 1983 through 1991.

In 1993 Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari, the very revered gurudev of the members of Bandhu Sevika Sangha, formulated a new core of rules and activities for the Sangha members and modified and enhanced the constitution of the same. In the enhanced and amended constitution, it was declared that not only unmarried women, but also any woman, married, widowed or unmarried - consecrated by him as his disciple, would be a member of Bandhu Sevika Sangha.

At present Bandhu Sevika Sangha is administered and run by the consecrated female disciples of late Dr. Mahanambrataji in cooperation with his devout male disciples, other bhaktas (devotees, supporters and followers anywhere around the globe.

The additional activities of Bandhu Sevika Sangha comprise of free distribution of meals to the starved, helping in education and marriage and performing other social welfare activities and responsibilties as spiritually bestowed upon the disciples by Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachariji. Presently the Sangha residence is primarily inhabited by elderly women.

Srimati Archana Sarkar (Treasurer of Bandhu Sevika Sangha), the direct disciple of Dr. Mahanambrataji and her husband Sri Mihir Sarkar donated Rs. 50,000 to Bandhu Sevika Sangha, as a token of their devotion to their gurudev Dr. Brahmachari. SriSri Mohonananda Brahmachari Maharaj also donated Rs. 1000. The Sangha is primarily run by the donations of the bhaktas (devotees) and supporters of Mahanam Maha Sankirtan in the name of Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar and in memory of Late Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari.

The Members of the Executive Committee of Bandhu Sevika Sangha for the year 2001-2002:

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Name Address Designations
1. Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari Transcendental Soul Founder
2. Dr. Ujjwala Kundu Reader, Chanchal College, Malda
Permanent Address:
Bandhu Sevika Sangha
3. Smt. Anjali Gupta c/o: Sri Nikhil Gupta (Advocate)
Singhatala, Malda
Retd. Head Mistress
Ahladmoni Girls' High School, Malda
4. Smt. Manjulika Chowdhury c/o: Late S. Chowdhury
Kotowali, Malda
5. Smt. Ramkumari Agarwala Old Malda
6. Smt. Kamala Kundu Bandhu Sevika Sangha, Malda Secretary
7. Smt. Bimala Chowdhury c/o Shri Subhash Chowdhury
2nd Govt. Colony, Malda
Jt. Secretary
8. Smt. Alo Mitra c/o Shri Sachi Dulal Mitra
Kutubpur, Malda
Asst. Secretary
9. Smt. Archana Sarkar c/o Shri Mihir Sarkar
Maheshmati, Malda
10. Smt. Susrita Kundu Vivekananda Palli/Bandhu Sevika Sangha, Malda Member
11. Smt. Sova Agarwala Old Malda - Do -
12. Smt. Gita Saha c/o Shri Sudhir Saha
Gosarighat, Malda
- Do -
13. Smt. Usha Agarwala Old Malda - Do -
14. Smt. Githa Ghosh c/o Shri Amar Ghosh
Subhash Palli, Malda
- Do -
15. Smt. Sibani Agarwala Old Malda - Do -
16. Smt. Sati Das c/o Shri Santosh Das
Ramkrishna Palli, Malda
- Do -
17. Smt. Radhika Datta c/o Atin Datta
Mahsalbari, Malda
- Do -
18. Smt. Madhabi Paul Chowdhury Kaligram, Malda - Do -
19. Smt. Sudha Paul Chowdhury Deshbandhu Para , Malda - Do -
20. Smt. Minati Das c/o Shri Basanta Das
Maheshmati, Malda
- Do -
21. Smt. Bharati Saha c/o Mantu Saha
Mangalbari, Malda
- Do -
22. Smt. Sibani Saha Mokdumpur, Malda - Do -

Jai Gurudev!