Brahmankanda Village Temple - Faridpur, Bangladesh

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The temple is privately built by the family of late Tapan Banerji in Brahmankanda village, Faridpur, Bangladesh -
the temple of Radha Krishna containing Their Idols (Deities). The serene beauty of the location of this temple
lies in the fact that it is located in a very quaint rural setting and very thinly populated amidst a vast expanse of land
with lush green vegetation and leafy trees all around a typical representative of a pristine village surrounding in Bangladesh.

The temple is located about just more than a mile away from the Jessore Road Highway
and Brahmankanda Angina of Prabhu Jagadbandhu in Faridpur.

The Deities of Radha and Krishna with a little Idol of Prabhusundar and a framed picture of
Baba Lokenath (on the side) are both worshipped daily with Radha Krishna.

The temple is indeed a treasure to the village of Brahmankanda
with the Omnipresent Radha and Krishna in the religious mainstream.

[I very thankfully acknowledge that Srimat Mrinalbandhu Brahmachari, the resident in-charge and primary sevait of
Faridpur Brahmankanda Angina of Prabhusundar, took me to this wonderful temple and premises.]