The flowers used to worship Saraswati Devi are primarily
Palash, Marigold (Ganda), Gardenia (Gandharaj),
Hibiscus (Jaba), Sandhyamalati, Shefali/Shiuli and Dahlia in the order named.
The little songbird, natively called "Tuntuni" in Bengali
(a real one, collected from
posted in between two sets of Shefali trees,
builds its very crafty nests in the Shefali flower trees.

[Click on the bird & nests pictures to view the birds
and a bigger image of the clickable nest only]

[Two more pictures of Shefali Trees below]

[Click to view shefali flowers and a shefali tree in the premises
of SriSri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Ashram in Naimisharanya, Sitapur, U.P.
and also note the fallen shefali flowers on the ground
underneath the shefali tree.]